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Jul 9, 2006 01:46 PM

Meeting Friends From Baltimore in Wilmington DE area-Any recs

We are meeting friend from Baltimore, MD in the Wilimington De area for dinner. I have never dined anywhere in the area. The only restriction is that they will not to Mexican. BYOB would be a plus but not necessary. Love Mediteranian, or other Middle Eastern food.
Off I95 a plus but they know the area.

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  1. You may do better posting on the Mid-Atlantic board, and there's a recent thread ("Brandywine Valley -- Where to Eat, What to Do?") that might give you some suggestions (including a BYOB or two). Most are in the Kennet Square area, which is about 20-25 minutes from downtown Wilmington, but there are generally better places to dine out that way. If you have a fun group, you might want to consider Casablanca, which is off of rte. 13 in New Castle and closer to Wilmington. Not far from 95. There's a thread on that, too ("Moroccan Food and Night Out... Great Fun"). Here's a clip from one of my response-posts:

    Casablanca (rte. 13 in New Castle) is a great spot for a group -- bellydancers on Saturdays, and the food (Morrocan) is much better than you would think at a place that could slide into the 'gimmicky' catagory very easily. Good value, too:

    1. There's a restaurant not far off 95 called Toscana Kitchen & Bar where we've eaten twice and liked it both times. It's not BYO but it has enjoyable new Italian style food. Web site is and address is 1412 North Dupont Street, Wilmington.