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Jul 9, 2006 01:41 PM

Greenmarket prices

This goes for Outerboroughs too, but I've been wondering about everyone's experiences with the prices of produce, now that the season is in full swing. I picked up a quart of sour cherries and put them back down when I realized that it was 8 dollars. This was at Union Square, and I always feel like my money dissappears quicker there than at the Williamsburg or Brooklyn Court House markets.
Am I just being a cheapscate?
What is everyones best and worst buys?

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  1. I hear you. The $4.85 organic english cucumber sitting in my crisper (also from Union Square) better be the best one I ever ate in my life! But I suppose it's just the cost of growing local.

    1. As in everything else its what the traffic can bear. Since the Union Square Greenmarket became trendy and chef-intensive the farmers have been more aggressive in seeking a return.

      1. I just want to report back that on Sunday at the Tompkins Square market I found the same quantity of sour cherries, one quart, for 3 dollars, as opposed to the $8 at Union Square on Sat.
        As a general rule, I avoid U.Square and the hyped up prices. I know farmers have to make money, but we all have to save money too.

        1. generally i find the prices pretty high there, but on saturday there was a fellow selling dollar bags of produce - zucchini, yellow squash, onions, cauliflower, etc etc. also, i don't think that the eggs are a bad deal - $3 for a dozen extra large free range.

          1. There are always bargains at greenmarkets...
            You just have to look and be flexible!

            This week, I got a huge bunch of organic basil for $1.5, robust organic zucchinis for $1.5 a pound, and 2 bunches of organic kale (that were so large they were more like 3 'typical' bunches they sell at supermarkets) for $5.

            I know those measurements are very vague but it's 5 in the morning so I'm sleepy...

            Anyhow, there are always discounts too especially at the end of the day. I've seen $1 bags of 3 pounds worth of produce (e.g. conventional zucchinis, peppers).

            Thompson Square is targeting a different market so it's definately cheaper. Less convenient and varied though. But great...once they gave me 20 'slightly bruised' peaches for FREE!