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Jul 9, 2006 12:46 PM

Outstanding dinner in Nice

Jouni - 10 rue Lascaris, Nice tel.04-97-08-14-80
Very out of the way place in the Vieux Port area. My husband and I each had a 3 course meal last Friday night, with the sommelier recommending wines by the glass (or 2!) Food was truly outstanding. Impeccably fresh anchovies, succulent prawns(?); beautiful sea bream, roast pigeon with cherries; a wonderful take on a chocolate "pie," assorted cheeses with complementary housemade jams & chutneys. Warm, charming, impeccable service and terribly interesting clientele to chat with. Dinner was about euro200 but I spent another 150 on Olive oil and some of the jams. Good news - they are planning on opening another "double" restaurant soon; younger crowd downstairs, serious food upstairs. Disclaimers - I live in Germany (so most French food tastes great!) and I took the recommendation from epicurious' new restaurant guide. Glad I did!

chow advice - be picky, there are so many great places to eat - if you walk in a place and it doesn't feel right, get up and move on.

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