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Jul 9, 2006 11:41 AM

Sunday Brunch - Forks of the Credit Area

We are looking to take a drive up to the Caleden, Mono, Terra Cotta (or other area) from Toronto and are looking for thoughts on a nice brunch lunch place. We love Flapjacks, but are looking for something a bit higher in quality and a little smaller in size.


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  1. There is a lovely little cottage directly south of Osprey Valley golf course near the village of Caledon, that I have eaten in many times that I would recommend. If you were to go to North to the Village of Caledon and turn left along 24 going towards Osprey Valley and rather than turning right onto 136 to drive the 2km to the golf course instead turn left (there is no exit, so you drive straight into the parking lot of this place). It's a cottage that has been transformed into this neat little restaurant in the middle of nowhere. For the life of me I cannot remember the name.

    Of course you could also go to the Millcroft Inn, which is also lovely. There is as Summerfest up that way starting July 17th That runs for a couple of weeks.