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Jul 9, 2006 04:35 AM

Best Pizza in Long Beach

I'll be visiting Long Beach next weekend, Staying at the Queen Mary.

I need to know where I can find the best pizza in the vicinity. Crisp crust, homemade sausage preferred.

It would be nice to get delivery, but I'll take
take-out or eat in.

If you have a suggestion that isn't a chain, or a nice Mom and Pop place that has decent Chianti, I'll take it!

Please no Z pizza. Been there done that, Thanks in advance!

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  1. I'd steer you to A Slice of NY Pizza in Seal Beach. Definitely not a chain, it's a small place with formica booths and the ambience of a NYC slice joint. It's two doors down from a Z Pizza unit, so don't walk in there by mistake.

    They don't make their own sausage AFAIK, but for a New York style pizza, it's the closest thing we have to the real deal in this area. If it were in NYC, they'd make an average pie. For So Cal, it's near the top of the heap.

    Don't know if they deliver, but call. The Queen Mary's way across the harbor, and probably too far for delivery from Seal Beach.

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      It's not a bad drive, if you have a car. If not, take the water taxi to Alamitos Bay, and walk into Old Town Seal Beach (I don't think it's even a mile).

    2. Buono's has a store in Long Beach. They have been in San Pedro for many years and have good sausage (I think they cook it in a little wine first). Ask for thin-crust.