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Jul 9, 2006 03:24 AM

Good crepes (or any crepes?) near Burbank?

A friend who lives in Burbank (close to Toluca Lake) is dealing with chronic illness and has a poor appetite for most things but can eat crepes. The only place he knows of anywhere near to where he lives is the IHOP at Sunset and La Brea. I was hoping somebody knew of someplace a bit closer. This is for dinner tomorrow, not breakfast. (He also can't go out early in the day in this kind of heat). Any ideas for alternatives? I'm not a huge fan of IHOPs these days. Thanks.

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  1. There's a pricey new French bistro across from Dimples in Burbank (in the new WB bldg, where Arnie Mortons is). I've heard chat here about their lunch crepes...don't know if they do them at dinner. Wish I remembered the name for you...France 75 or Bistro 75 or something like that?

    There's an Ihop in Burbank, too, which at least would be closer. Call the Riverside Cafe over near the Equestrian Center...they might do crepes for you. Or, they're not at all difficult to make if you have a good iron skillet.

    1. I bought a box of Swedish Panacake mix from T'J's , thinned out the batter a little and made my own crepes using a regular cuisinart omelet pan. So very easy. Fill with whatever savory or sweet thing you like. Otherwise try La Frite in Woodland Hills and Sherman Oaks or French Crepe Co. at Farmers Market. Good luck.

      1. There is a new crepe place on Cahuenga and Franklin ( not too far from parts of Burbank). The name is eluding me - I think it is something like Solar del Cahuenga, but I could be way off. I motor past it every day on my way to work but have yet to go, so I can't vouch for the food however I think crepes are their primary dish.

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          Well--the friend in question was not quite ready to try a new place, so we did go to the IHOP at Sunset and La Brea. He says the other IHOPs do not make real crepes (or his idea of them--he's rather crotchety these days), just this particular one. It did look like a decent plain crepe actually and he liked it and ate the whole thing. (He is anorexic due to illness, so this was a big deal for him). But we did drive by Solar del Cahuenga and it looked quite promising and definitely is a creperie, since it says crepes on the awning in big letters, as you said. I imagine they will make a crepe to his order. We'll try it in a couple of weeks probably. Thanks again!

        2. Seems like I'm a bit late (sorry), but the Crepe Vine in Pasadena ( ) have pretty good savory & sweet crepes, as well as other Country-French foods and a great wine list.