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Jul 9, 2006 03:05 AM

is there a dishwasher that will .........

thoroughly and consistently clean even dried food, baked on and whatever constitutes hardest to clean in general.

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  1. Hmm, I don't have to answer but I wonder if that's a dishwasher issue or a dish detergent issue. I've noticed with different brands the amount of dried on food that comes off is different. With the one I'm using now I can even put milk glasses that sat out overnight in and they come out sparkling and clean with no milk residue in the bottom.

    1. Our Fridgidaire is horrible. What detergent is good?

      1. The 7th generation stuff works well but our grocery delivery service accidently sent us two containers of Cascade Lemon Dishwasher Liquigel and while I'm sure it's horrible for the environment, it scours my dishes and yet doesn't damage my stemware.

        I just sounded like a commercial.

        1. When I bought a new dishwasher a year ago, initially I had worse results than with my old model using Cascade Lemon gel and Jet Dry that I had always used. Then I started experimenting with different detergents. I have very hard water. I found that Cascade Complete powder did the best job, Electrosol tabs the next, and then Trader Joe's powder. I also tried 7th generation and it was in a distant last place and unacceptable in performace, besides being the most expensive. I use TJ's the most often for regular light to normal loads, as it is the least expensive. The Electrosol tabs are used when I had a lot of wine glasses in the load. Cascade Complete is the most expensive and I use it for heavy loads, such as baked on custard, and it works like a charm. If I were to pick just one brand, it would be the Cascade Complete, but it would be more costly.

          1. It's sounding more and more like it's a combination of the two things. I live in an apt. and our dishwasher was already in place. We have a Fridgadaire Ultra Quiet....but nosey said the one they have isn't, confounding. And there seems to be differing opinions on what detergents work well. So, here's what consumer reports says are the best dishwashers:

            * Bosch SHU66C0[2]
            * Bosch SHU43C0[2]
            * Kenmore (Sears) 1603[2]

            Good luck!