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Jul 9, 2006 02:48 AM

Recommendations on Cape Breton Island, Prince Edward Island, and Nova Scotia

Will be traveling this summer to Cape Breton Island, the Mabou area; Prince Edward Island, staying in the Brackley Beach, Rustico Area; and Lunenburg on Nova Scotia. Would appreciate dinner recommendations. Paricularly interested in fresh local sea food (lobster, mussels, oysters), but would hate to miss something else that's great.

Don't mind driving some -- thanks

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  1. I have a couple of suggestions in and near Brackley Beach.

    The Lobster Claw in Brackley Beach has good reasonably priced local seafood. Their Lobster is great bang for buck.

    Dalvay By the Sea is the hotel at the other end of the National Park. It's a classic old hotel and has the finest diningroom on the North Shore. The foods is great. Try the Sticky Date Pudding. Awesome.

    Richards is Covehead is a good place to get seafood for home. They even sell oyster shuckers. They also have a small patio and eatery.

    If you have the time, check out Cynthia MacLeod at the Wednesday night Ceilidhs in the Brackley Beach Community Centre. She is an unbelievably talented fiddler.

    1. Hi. Travelled to Nova Scotia and PEI for the month of September/04 with 2 other couples and ate dinner in some of the towns you mention.
      1. Halifax, NS:
      - Buffet at the Casino - good food and everyone was able to find something they liked
      - Pineau's Cafe - little cafe but good quality of food - fish & chips were good but the pickled herring appetizer was great - very reasonable
      - Sweet Basil - fabulous food - I had my first lobster of the trip here - have wonderful desserts - might be a bit pricey for family dinner
      2. Digby, NS:
      - Captain Cooks - my first Acadian pie (don't remember the name but I believe the base is potatoes) and I enjoyed it. Homemade pies and very reasonable prices
      - Hedley House - wonderful fixed price 3 course dinner - great Ceaser Salad with hot scallops on top ($52 for two people)
      3. New Glasgow, NS:
      - The Bistro in downtown New Glasgow was one of my favourite restaurants on our trip. Superb room with wonderful hosts and great food. Seafood, curries, pot pies, just to mention a few choices
      4. Truro, NS:
      - Irish Fish and Chips - good food, reasonable price
      5. Port Hawksbury, Cape Breton:
      - Millers Pub - great pub food, lots of daily specials - so good we went back another night
      - Wellingtons - near the pub in the largest hotel in town (sorry, can't remember the name)- good food but a little pricey - preferred the pub
      - Auld Cove Maritime Restaurant (west side of the Canso causeway) - nice location and great seafood
      6. Baddeck:
      - Lynnwood Inn - wouldn't recommend, not terribly bad but just so/so.
      - Make sure you see the show "Spirit of the Islands" at the Saltwater Theatre in Baddeck. Great show - $15/person for 2 1/2 hours. Wonderful music and comedy. You will see flyers around town telling you where to buy tickets - we purchased our tickets that afternoon of the evening show - don't wait too long as the theatre/hall was full!
      Mahone Bay:
      - Mimi's Cafe - one of the best meals on our trip - limited menu but with great specials
      - Inlet Cafe - okay but not as good as Mimi's - more selection
      PEI - Cavendish:
      - We stayed at Kindred Spirits in their deluxe 2 bedroom chalets with full kitchens so didn't eat out every night
      - Chez Yvonne - down-home cooking - roast turkey dinner with all the fixings was the special the night we ate there - just like Mom's
      - New Glasgow Lobster Supper (about 10 minutes from Cavendish towards Hunter River) - best lobster so far as well as all the mussels you can eat with homemade chowder, buns and dessert - $34.95/person - well worth it!
      - Old Mill Restaurant in New Glasgow - another of my favourites - great food and presentation
      - Fisherman's Wharf Lobster Supper in North Rustico - huge salad bar - food was okay but not as good as New Glasgow - same price

      We were there for 4 weeks and I would say we only had two "not so great" meals. Hoped this has helped.

      1. I did a road trip last summer from NYC to NB to PEI then to NS.

        PEI for me sucked. I was not impressed. I'm sure I missed a good restaurant but the whole island came off like an overdeveloped resort. There is a bed and breakfrast called the Johnson Inn by the northeast part of PEI that employs a top-notch chef but their schedule is erratic.

        If you're driving through NS and you take Rt 8 any of the restaurants are decent. It's mostly snack food such as hot dogs and soups.

        Pettipas Market in Auld's Cove, NS on the #104 has great seafood chowder and mussels. The decor is touristy, the waitress' are very nice but the owner can be a bit of a prick and comes off like a con artist. However, you over look that when you taste the food.

        The Sou'Wester restaurant in Peggy's Cove, NS (the only restaurant in Peggy's Cove)on Prospect Road/rt 333?, about 45 minutes south of Halifax, is wonderful. Very touristy atmosphere, however the lobster,mussels and hot rolls are to die for.

        There is another restaurant about ten minutes north of Peggy's Cove, heading towards Halifax, called Shaw's Landing which has the best smoked salmon I have ever tasted. The owner smokes the salmon (and other fish) himself using a cure of scotch, maple syrup,salt and other ingredients. This is a great place for breakfast and lunch. Plus they allow you to park your kayak on their dock.

        In Cheticamp there's Hometown Kitchen. Very good seafood, very beautiful waitress' and a great view.

        In Cape Breton you should check out Aspey Bay Oysters. The decor is bare bones. A dump even. But the oysters are very fresh, right out of the bay next to the place and have a very nice sweet and briny taste. They are the best oysters I have ever had.

        You might also want to consider bringing a hibachi with you. Restaurants can take their toll financially, especially in the seafood area. Pick up some fresh seafood from one of the boats by any docks and broil away.

        Have fun.

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