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Jul 9, 2006 01:12 AM

Eggs, brownies, and white trash appetizers

Hi - three completely unrelated items:

1) Do fresh egg whites come to a soft peak quicker than older? I ask because I was making Peppermint Pate's amazing lemon hotcakes again this morning - - as before, I was beating the whites by hand. Today they fluffed up twice as much and formed soft peaks in about half the time. (I just purchased these eggs two days ago - last time they were a couple of weeks old.


2) I decided to make Ruth Lafler's brownies last Tuesday - - and had a couple of problems. First I had to cook them almost three times as long but I'm pretty sure this had to do with the fact that I used a glass baking dish?? Secondly, these brownies get better as they sit. If I made them again I'd make them four or five days before I served them. Eating one now and it's great. (Although I do think I'd add a teensy bit of baking powder next time.... I'm discovering I like brownies that are just barely cake-y - these are absolutely like rich fudge. Went well with dulce de leche ice cream


3) We're having the first meeting of our writer's group tomorrow. I have to clean and am having a meeting with my director of my show right before so I won't have time to really cook. We have almost an entire leftover bacon and mushroom pizza (do you see where this is going?) Is there anything I can do to turn that pizza into some sort of appetizer? It's a thin crust pizza. Someone is bringing beer and we're all close friends so I thought about just going back to my roots and having a good white trashy appetizer theme....any thoughts?

Thanks in advance!!

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  1. I would totally cut the pizza into little squares or circles and crisp them in the toaster oven-- or put them on ritz crackers, layered with pepperoni slices and bits of shredded mozzarella. You could make mini PB & J sandwiches (or if you're in boston, PB & Marshmallow Fluff), and fry up some little cocktail weiners or cut up hot dogs to serve with toothpicks for dipping into mustard. And maybe pretzel sticks?

    Of course, the follow may be too white trash, but my favorite white trash breakfast is fried spam and a fried egg on a toasted english muffin that's been heated in the microwave to melt some velveeta on it right after assembly. Crushed pineapple and ketchup are optional, but delicious. : ) You could cut them into quarters and skewer them with toothpicks.

    Good luck!

    1. There is always the artery adhering block of cream cheese and pour a jar of pepper jam over it. And if you want to dress it it up use Triscuits instead of sodie crackers

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        OMG laughing so hard. That's what my boss brought to the last office potluck.

      2. there's also the canned artichoke heart and mayo dip (which i think can be found on the back of hellman's mayo)
        if you can make those miniature hot dogs in sauce, I think everyone would like that.

        if you really want to go trashy, (but good), get some of the spray can cheddar cheese and triscuits.
        fritos and salsa or even frito pie.
        or tacos from the el paso mix. - besides kraft mac n 'cheese, i think that's a great overlooked white trash food I haven't eaten it in forever (much more edible than hamburger helper.)
        also, oreo cookies and cool whip for dessert.
        of course, plenty of coca cola.

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        1. That's so funny! I've been wanting to have a "trashy" appetizer night too! My thoughts have been that Buffalo Chicken Dip some people raved about a while back, the old 'lil smokies in barbeque sauce, and pigs in a blanket! Not a very well rounded meal, but definitely trashy!! Also, I don't know if it would be considered trashy or not, but I made my own mozzarella sticks the other night and they were pretty darn good!

          1. Ooooh, Katie, did you use a special recipe? I've never tried to make them tell!

            Alas, the meeting today was cancelled due to illness (my husband) so we are re-scheduling so, while we've eaten the pizza, I think I still want to go with a trashy party theme so any recs are highly appreciated! Keep 'em coming.

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              I used Giada's recipe from Everyday Italian... they are really easy and you freeze them first, so you could do them ahead of time, which is always nice when you have a party. I hope you report back if you end up doing a trashy party!

              1. re: Katie Nell

                Just laughing my head off imagining Giada's reaction upon finding one of HER recipes on the white trash thread.... Wow. Even a year and a half later, this thread is fantastic!