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Eggs, brownies, and white trash appetizers

Hi - three completely unrelated items:

1) Do fresh egg whites come to a soft peak quicker than older? I ask because I was making Peppermint Pate's amazing lemon hotcakes again this morning - http://www.chowhound.com/topics/show/... - as before, I was beating the whites by hand. Today they fluffed up twice as much and formed soft peaks in about half the time. (I just purchased these eggs two days ago - last time they were a couple of weeks old.


2) I decided to make Ruth Lafler's brownies last Tuesday - http://www.chowhound.com/topics/show/... - and had a couple of problems. First I had to cook them almost three times as long but I'm pretty sure this had to do with the fact that I used a glass baking dish?? Secondly, these brownies get better as they sit. If I made them again I'd make them four or five days before I served them. Eating one now and it's great. (Although I do think I'd add a teensy bit of baking powder next time.... I'm discovering I like brownies that are just barely cake-y - these are absolutely like rich fudge. Went well with dulce de leche ice cream


3) We're having the first meeting of our writer's group tomorrow. I have to clean and am having a meeting with my director of my show right before so I won't have time to really cook. We have almost an entire leftover bacon and mushroom pizza (do you see where this is going?) Is there anything I can do to turn that pizza into some sort of appetizer? It's a thin crust pizza. Someone is bringing beer and we're all close friends so I thought about just going back to my roots and having a good white trashy appetizer theme....any thoughts?

Thanks in advance!!

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  1. I would totally cut the pizza into little squares or circles and crisp them in the toaster oven-- or put them on ritz crackers, layered with pepperoni slices and bits of shredded mozzarella. You could make mini PB & J sandwiches (or if you're in boston, PB & Marshmallow Fluff), and fry up some little cocktail weiners or cut up hot dogs to serve with toothpicks for dipping into mustard. And maybe pretzel sticks?

    Of course, the follow may be too white trash, but my favorite white trash breakfast is fried spam and a fried egg on a toasted english muffin that's been heated in the microwave to melt some velveeta on it right after assembly. Crushed pineapple and ketchup are optional, but delicious. : ) You could cut them into quarters and skewer them with toothpicks.

    Good luck!

    1. There is always the artery adhering block of cream cheese and pour a jar of pepper jam over it. And if you want to dress it it up use Triscuits instead of sodie crackers

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        OMG laughing so hard. That's what my boss brought to the last office potluck.

      2. there's also the canned artichoke heart and mayo dip (which i think can be found on the back of hellman's mayo)
        if you can make those miniature hot dogs in sauce, I think everyone would like that.

        if you really want to go trashy, (but good), get some of the spray can cheddar cheese and triscuits.
        fritos and salsa or even frito pie.
        or tacos from the el paso mix. - besides kraft mac n 'cheese, i think that's a great overlooked white trash food I haven't eaten it in forever (much more edible than hamburger helper.)
        also, oreo cookies and cool whip for dessert.
        of course, plenty of coca cola.

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        1. That's so funny! I've been wanting to have a "trashy" appetizer night too! My thoughts have been that Buffalo Chicken Dip some people raved about a while back, the old 'lil smokies in barbeque sauce, and pigs in a blanket! Not a very well rounded meal, but definitely trashy!! Also, I don't know if it would be considered trashy or not, but I made my own mozzarella sticks the other night and they were pretty darn good!

          1. Ooooh, Katie, did you use a special recipe? I've never tried to make them before....do tell!

            Alas, the meeting today was cancelled due to illness (my husband) so we are re-scheduling so, while we've eaten the pizza, I think I still want to go with a trashy party theme so any recs are highly appreciated! Keep 'em coming.

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              I used Giada's recipe from Everyday Italian... they are really easy and you freeze them first, so you could do them ahead of time, which is always nice when you have a party. I hope you report back if you end up doing a trashy party!

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                Just laughing my head off imagining Giada's reaction upon finding one of HER recipes on the white trash thread.... Wow. Even a year and a half later, this thread is fantastic!

            2. Maybe you should make a Twinkie dessert. C'mon, you know what I'm talkin' about. Twinkies and pudding and Cool Whip and stuff. Make it high class with some toasted coconut.

              1. From the second White Trash cookbook, SINKING SPELLS, HOTS FLASHES, FITS AND CRAVINGS:

                Bourbon Franks: 1/2 cup good Bourbon, 1/2 cup ketchup, 3 tsp dark brown sugar, 1 lb frankfurters, toothpicks

                Stir bourbon, ketchup, and sugar in a pan set over low heat. Now put the heat up, but don't boil it. Cut Franks into bite size and add. Stir a bit and cover. Let it sit on the back of the stove overnight. New day when you've got folks comin, just heat it up again with out it bubbling. Then you've got yourself something-- just make sure you'be got toothpicks and a load of napkins for the drips. Toothpick 'em. Put on a tray and surround with saltines.

                I make a version of this, but I do not let it set out overnight.

                For the perfect white trash meal

                RACK OF SPAM

                2 cans of Spam
                10-12 cheese wedges

                Cut the Spam in slices but don't go all the way through. You want it to open like a fan. Insert the cheese and bake at 400 degrees until the cheese is melted and the spam is brown. Garnish with somthing.

                I promise you, this one I have never made.

                1. oooh . . . i love white trash appetizers. some favorites include sausage balls (crumbled cooked sausage, shredded cheese, and bisquick), "nacho" dip (velveeta and salsa, melted in the microwave) and of course pigs in blankets (little smokies, or boar's head cocktail franks if you want to go a little more upscale, and pillsbury crescent rolls - just cut the pre-made triangles into thirds).

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                    Man, it's been a loooong time since I've had those sausage balls, but they can sure be good!

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                      I was in culinary school and a fellow student made the sausage balls for a show & tell part of the course to showcase childhood memories... I immediately asked for the recipe.

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                        my grandma makes the nacho dip with velveeta and Ro-Tel tomatoes. And you dip Ruffles in it, not even tortilla chips. If you sit and talk too long and the dip gets cold, you just put it back in the microwave for awhile.

                        Or she used to make these things called "hanky pankys," which basically is sausage and melted cheese broiled on those little pieces of "party rye" or "cocktail rye" bread.

                        (I'm slandering my grandma here, because she absolutely does NOT qualify as white trash, but a lot of our standard family appetizers do!)

                      2. Y'all er too fancy. At the trailer park, it's jerky, pickled eggs, 'n' peanuts -- all from the rack at the local gas station/beer store, where you git yer Bud. You kin also add some Vye-eena sausages.

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                          If you're goin' there, you mize well get some blind robins, too.

                        2. Onion dip made from the dried soup mix packet.

                          A walking taco - layer o cooked ground beef, layer o refried beans, layer of shredded cheese, layer of shredded iceburg...you could go for layers of sour cream and guacamole, too if you want to get real dang fancy.

                          Jello molds. My fave is blue jello with goldfish crackers.

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                          1. re: Snackish

                            I haven't thought about or seen one of those onion dips in years!

                            how about bambinos- ritz crackers with tomato/meat sauce & melted cheese

                            oh...and you forgot the cheese whiz on your taco:)

                          2. Hate to throw a serious response into all this levity! Yes, the glass pan would make it bake longer. I once asked my mother, who fancies herself as quite the scientist, and she said, "But the heat goes right through it, just like light." WRONG! I later saw Alton Brown answer it, and he said that the irregular molecular structure of glass makes it a poorer transmitter of heat.

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                            1. re: miss_mia

                              So then my follow up: is there ever a time when glass baking dish is preferred?

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                                There's a fabulous brownie recipe on epicurious that has almond extract, dried cherries, and chocolate - extraordinary. It specifically calls for a glass pan, for whatever reason. (Funny story - a former coworker's wife used to make these, and whenever I asked for the recipe, she seemed willing to share, then never produced it. Finally her husband let it slip that it was from Gourmet, and voila! I found it on epi.)

                                1. re: krissywats

                                  When you WANT something to brown/get crusty, like a pie f'rinstance, glass is good. I have among my weird kitchen antiques a set of different-sized Pyrex pans with removable handles, which turn out to be the rat's a** for making brown gravy: the roux browns very quickly - in fact you really have to keep scraping at it or it'll just flat burn - and yet the Pyrex stands up just fine to having liquid poured into the hot pan, though I wouldn't want to pour in anything really cold.

                              2. In grad school, a bunch of friends and I did a "white trash" party and it was alot of fun. I forget all the fixin's that we had, but I think I made some mac 'n cheese w/ Velveeta. That was the first (and last) time I ever dealt w/ Velveeta, but it was an eye-opening experience. I thought I might love the stuff for its meltability and cheesiness, but just found it weird.

                                The dish that springs to mind whenever someone mentions trashy food is the infamous "dump cake." Canned and boxed goods that are, you guessed it, dumped into a dish and baked. I don't have a recipe in my personal collection, but google has lots of ideas. Here's a blog recipe w/ photos that I found: http://thehoneybunnyeats.blogspot.com...

                                I believe that black forest dump cake is quite popular; it uses devil's food cake and canned cherries. While we're on the subject, does anyone actually make dump cake or like the stuff? I've never tried it but have always been curious...

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                                  I don't know if the ones that I make classify as "dump cakes," but I have a few recipes that use cake mixes as a base that I really like. There's one that's a pecan coffee cake and uses cake mix (can't remember the flavor at the moment) and butterscotch pudding. There's also a banana one that uses white cake mix. I don't know though... you really don't "dump" the ingredients, but they do use cake mixes!

                                  1. re: Katie Nell

                                    And there's also a lemon one that my brother requested for his upcoming birthday... oh god, I *am* trashy!! ;-)

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                                    This sounds a lot like "boxa-sticka-canna" A box of yellow cake mix, a stick of butter, and a can of fruit cocktail. No measuring required, but I do think you mix it in a bowl first before putting it into the pan.

                                    1. re: saram

                                      omg, i remember my aunt showing me how to make this when i was about 10 yrs old.

                                      it is actually quite delicious.....well, most trashy stuff is pretty tasty - lookout arteries!

                                      and LOL from above "rack of spam" - that's too too funny!

                                      it's funny, because i live outside a large FL city in a tiny FL town.

                                      the tiny town has its own little grocery store. the only thing "low fat" this store carries is skim milk. i remember the first time i went in there and asked if they carried soy milk - deer/headlights ;)

                                  3. How about Potato Salad Salami Roll Ups? It was a party stable of ours many many years ago right out of college. Buy store made potato salad and sliced salami. Put some potato salad on a slice of the salami and fold into a crescent shape and secure with a toothpick. I think it came from the original red covered Betty Crocker cookbook.

                                    1. There's only one thing you need to turn that leftover pizza into a tasty Horse Devour and that's bacon my friend. Cut the pizza into bite sized pieces, wrap with bacon and broil. There ya have it.

                                      1. Krissywats... I saw this book and thought of you ;-)
                                        Did you ever end up having a white trash party?!? Do tell!!

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                                          We didn't. I got sick that weekend and we had to cancel the party BUT I'm still planning to AND I'm so gonna use that book!! Thanks Katie!!

                                        2. I can't believe no one mentioned hanky pankies. A pound of ground beef, a pound of ground pork sausage, brown it, drain off the grease, mix it with a pound of velveeta and put it on those little pieces of rye bread and broil it until brown. I do season it because I'm not THAT white trash...and some people don't do the drain off the grease step, and that is horrible!!!

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                                            OMG - We LOVE Hanky Pankies. We add oregano and garlic to ours. Making them next week!

                                            1. re: akp

                                              Funny...I just posted about hanky pankies above. That's what I get for not reading all the way to the bottom of the thread before posting...

                                              1. re: revsharkie

                                                wow, i considered myself sort of white trash savvy, but i've honestly never heard of this one.


                                                or should i say 'lawd, a'mighty!' ?

                                                and pass me a statin.

                                            2. re: sunshinedrop

                                              I've never heard of hanky pankies! Sounds good, in a trashy way, of course! ;-) On another note, my husband's family calls the classic concoction of velveeta, ro-tel, and sausage- monkey vomit!! It took me a while to get over the name and just eat it!

                                              1. re: puppymomma

                                                I don't know if I'd call them "trashy", but perhaps "retro"?

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                                                  If I want to make sure I'll take no leftovers home, no matter what the nature of the gathering is, I'll bring devilled eggs. They go really fast, too, whether it's hipsters, bikers, old-time hot rodders or food freaks.

                                                2. whip up some cream cheese, add chopped dill pickles and Buddig corned beef ( you know, the stuff used in SOS) mix it up and serve with triscuits. Yuins'll be licking yer lips. It's good eatin'.

                                                  1. SERIOUSLY - the 'quick and easy' superbowl party recipe hunters ought to be reading this thread......

                                                    although i suppose indiana and chicago fans might be a bit put off with such intense and delicious artistry. ;)

                                                    1. Cold shrimp ring with cocktail sauce.

                                                      Celery sticks filled with Cheez-Whiz.

                                                      Soda crackers topped with margarine.

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                                                      1. re: NovoCuisine

                                                        Soda crackers with Margarine....you rock NovoCuisine... awesome.

                                                        1. re: NovoCuisine

                                                          STEAK IN A FRYING PAN WITH MARGERINE

                                                        2. I've never made this, but a coworker did, and it was actually pretty good: Cube a 1-lb. brick of Velveeta, add a jar of salsa, and warm it all up in a crockpot. The crockpot doubles as the serving dish.