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Jul 9, 2006 01:04 AM

What Chains are along I-92 in Orlando?

My daughter will be in that area for 4 months and her and her friends like to go to chains. What chains are along that freeway. I am looking for the chains around Disney Wolrd. I understand there are most of everything?

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  1. Route 92 kind of skirts the south and east sides of the Disney property -- it's not a freeway, just a regular big highway with businesses on both sides, particularly as you get closer to the city of Kissimmee. Route 192 (also known as the Irlo Bronson Highway), which goes closer to the property, is a goldmine if you want chains... just about every chain in America has at least one branch on 192 or on International Drive, which intersects it.

    If your daughter is working for WDW (even as a College Program worker), tell her to take her ID card with her as almost everywhere gives at least some discount to Disney Cast Members. may help.