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Jul 9, 2006 12:50 AM

Any Chowhound food in Big Rapids, MI?

Going to be visiting with friends and need to know where to take them for dinner in Big Rapids.

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  1. Found this old post. I too am going to be in Big Rapids in few weeks and would like to take inlaws out to dinner. Did you have any luck?

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    1. re: tamsenw

      If the Embers in nearby Mt. Pleasant was still open, that would be a good place. But that closed last year.
      I've heard the food at the Soaring Eagle casino was pretty good. But I've never been, and haven't heard much good about the actual casino itself.

      1. re: Fibber McGee

        the casino is nice as far as casinos go. i think that the soaring eagle is a great hotel. they have a place called the siniikuang steakhouse that is very good.

        or you could go downtown for a great bar burger at the bird.

        and h&r is allegedly open again under new ownership - the danny boy and mr. toby live!

        1. re: xman887

          I was at the old H & R very recently. It's called Crust & Que and they indeed continue to make the same subs you could get at H & R. The woman behind the counter said both Mrs. H and Mr. R, as they refer to them on the menu, still stop in from time to time. The pizza sub I ordered tasted the same as I remembered, jalapenos and all.

      2. re: tamsenw

        Mt. Pleasant native here. The Embers was a terrible restaurant, but thankfully it is now closed. There are a couple of restaurants at the Soaring Eagle that are decent - the Water Lily, which is their most upscale place, has pretty good food, and the Steakhouse is also not bad. Otherwise, Mt. Pleasant is a restaurant wasteland.