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Jul 9, 2006 12:13 AM

The Wreck -- Mt. Pleasant, SC

Does anyone know if The Wreck in Mt. Pleasant, SC is primarily a lunch/dinner place or does it do breakfast too?

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  1. Unless it's changed since last I visited, The Wreck is open for dinner only.

    I would rate The Wreck this way:

    Atmosphere (or anti-atmosphere as the case may be): Not to be missed.

    Food: Limited menu, but they do fried seafood well. I also like that they include both hushpuppies and fried grit cakes with their seafood plates. Skip the she crab soup. Their version is thin and bland.

    Price: Higher than you'd expect for a place where you order by circling your choices with a pencil on a paper menu.

    In summary, I think The Wreck, as a local institution, is definitely worth seeking out once. Beyond that, repeat trips are open to debate.

    1. I agree with Low Country Jon- one time is enough- styrofoam plate with downtown prices-

      1. It is what it is. Rather than get some no-body tourist-centric fried clap-trap (plenty of those--see Shemp Creek or downtown) it is where the locals all go when they have a penchant for what many of them were raised with. Correct about the prices, higher than what you would expect.

        Gotta love the location though. An American original.

        1. After a day of kayaking, being not real clean but real hungry, we luckily managed to find The Wreck - not an easy task but well worth the effort. Not elegant (and neither were we) but the food was great.