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Jul 9, 2006 12:10 AM

495 lunch

Reposting from the Boston board on advice of members there. Excuse me if you've read this twice!

495 lunch?

Sorry for the obnoxious "just driving by" post, but I'll be driving by and ...

We'll hit the Boston 495 bypass right around lunchtime. Any yummy, New Englandy places not too far off the highway to stop? Something casual. I'd love to have a great clam or lobster roll. Maybe a nice, cool salad and fun stuff for little chowhounder kids. I also love Mexican and pretty much everything else.

We'll get on 495 from 90 I believe it is, and are heading north up to New Hampshire.

Thanks for any help you can give us. In return, here's a little known tip. If you're ever in Manhattan at the corner of 23rd Street and 5th Aveneue -- right across from the Flatiron building -- there's a little hole in the wall place calle "Great Burrito." Get a beef taco with everything. You won't be sorry.


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  1. Well, the 495 belt is not really the best place to look for seafood, to be honest. I can't really guide you there, but I can recommend an excellent Mexican restaurant that's not too far off the highway...

    Here's the deal: Cafe Azteca is the best Mexican restaurant I've found in all of New England. It's fairly inexpensive and the dishes are spot on. It's more of a traditional mexican than the tex-mex that we typically get in this area. They have some spicy dishes, but most are more "flavorful" than hot. I usually get the Chile Rellenos Antonio... Save room for desert, the flan con rompope (mexican custard with vanilla liquor) is devine! The downside is the location... Downtown Lawrence, where the restaurant is located is not the best neighborhood north of Boston. I've never had a problem there, but I would suggest you go during daylight hours, park close, and use some common sense. If you go, make sure to get good driving directions to: 180 Common Street Lawrence, MA.


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      Definitely Azteca. One of the best Mexican restaurants in Massachusetts.

      Also, Tripoli Bakery and Napoli Pizza, just down the street from Azteca (literally) are two excellent places for Sicilian pizza.

      As far as seafood, nothing really comes to mind...not sure if you are going up Route 93 or 95, but if you are heading up 95, get off at Seabrook and head to Brown's or Markey's (across the street from each other) on Route 286 near Route 1A. Excellent seafood of all kind.

    2. You can get decent fried seafood and chowder at Harry's on Rt. 9 West in Westboro. From I-495, Rt. 9 is the first exit north of I-90, take the westbound exit, go about two miles down on the right. Very casual, looks like a diner, been there forever.

      For a more modern seafood place, try Naked Fish, also on Route 9, about a mile before you get to Harry's.

      For the absolute best seafood in Massachusetts, change your route. The fastest route from New York to New Hampshire requires getting off I-90 at I-290, not I-495. If you do that, get off at Route 9 in downtown Worcester and head for the Sole Proprietor. After lunch, get back on I-290 north, and you'll meet I-495 in about ten miles. Just be careful where I-190 splits from I-290; it's a little tricky to stay on 290.

      1. There are a few nice places off of rt 495 , there is a Cracker Barell rest. and there is an applebeys i think in Lawarence Mass. Just watch for the food signs just before each exit. They have a list of places to eat just off the highway, I hope this may help you. Good luck and good driving.

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        1. OK I live right in this area so can help you with a bit of the journey. Getting on 495 N from the pike.

          1st exit rt9 W/E. West has Harrys as mentioned, naked fish, cant think of much else that i frequent that way. East has a ton of stuff depending how far you want to venture. Sichuan gourmet, uncle chuengs, are 2 nice chinese places about 10 min east of the pipe. Also the seafood places mentioned above.

          Next major exit would be the rt20 W/E exit. If you take West there is a decent little red sauce italian place called lingunis it is cafeteria style at lunch, also a small indian place in the plaza behind mcds which is good and a decent chinese lunch buffet in the same plaze. Go east and there is a nice little place that calls itself french/thai called escargot in marlboro center.

          Next exit would be #26 rt62. W- nothing, E- if you go thru to hudson center and beyond about 1 mile there is the Dairy Joy, same as the one in Weston, do a search on the pros/cons.

          Next exit would be 117 #27 e/w- Really nothing worth mentioning.

          Next rt 111 e/w #28 - again I wouldnt bother with this exit

          #29 rt2- major rd, skip it

          #30 rt2a - skip it

          #31 - skip it

          #32- You can take this exit followed by a right off the ramp and another right. There is a great chinese lunch buffet at Bamboo, go a bit further and there is a very good and fun homemade ice cream place Kimball farms. Personally id chose this combo, given your route.

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          1. re: hargau

            Also on Rte 20 East about 5 minutes off I-495 (Exit 24A).

            Firefly's Barbecue

            Coral Seafood

            1. re: groaker

              coral is a good one, but Firefly's is not open for lunch except sunday

          2. Since you are headed to NH I'd wait and eat in Hampton/Portsmouth/Kittery. You'll have a lot of casual seafood places to check out.

            Depending on traffic you should be hitting that area in no more than an hour and a half after getting on 495.