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Telepan Review?

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Okay, so I went to Telepan this afternoon for brunch. The restaurant is relatively new (7 months old) and I heard of it through a friend, decided to check it out. It's on the UWS, on 69th just east of Columbus Avenue. Before I go through my review, I also like to ask anyone else whose been there to chime in if they have eaten there as well.

Brunch: Saturday - Sunday; $25 Prix Fixe; includes Basket of Breads, First & Main Course

To me their brunch is an enormous value; the included bread basket consists of scones, cinnamon rolls, small donuts, and assorted cakes. They were all delicious to me. The donut was small, jelly filled, covered in sugar, and doughy. If you like your donuts like that then you may like this one.

First Course: Smoked Brook Trout on Potato Blini; Quail & Duck-Fig Sausage
Both were killer. Apparently the chef Bill Telepan is known for his Brook Trout.

Main Course: Chocolate Babka Style French Toast; Lobster & Scallion Omelet
The good thing about the french toast was that although there was a lot of chocolate, it was not too sweet. It just tasted of good chocolate. There was a filling, almost like a cashew butter in the middle. And the bread that they use is fantastic...it looks like it's going to be too hard, but it is perfectly crunchy on the outside but a soft bite on the inside.

The lobster & scallion omelet was delicious as well. The eggs were perfectly done (i like my eggs a little soft). The omelet could have been salted better, but there was still good flavor. The accompanying salad was very well dressed, the hash browns were well salted really well (I have had bad hash browns in the past because of this).

Atmosphere was lovely. Pastel greens on the walls, they have these beautiful square linen pendant lamps that are oversized, and small closed "fireplaces" with lit candles in each.

I would be eager to see what service and decor look like at dinner time. Has anyone else been there and can share their experiences?

72 W. 69th Street, New York, NY 10023

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  1. There have been several recent reviews, here. Just about all the feedback recently has been positive. Use the new improved search feature!

    1. I have also been for brunch and disagree with your assessment of the french toast. I thought it was too crunchy and did not care for it. While the chocolate was good, it was just not like eating french toast. I was actually sorry that I did not try the lunch items. I will next time. Friends that have gone to dinner there have raved about the food.

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        I can understand your feeling about the french toast...I too like my french toast on the soft side, but I guess i enjoyed the different take on what a lot of restaurants are doing with french toast these days.

        Thanks for the feedback on the dinner...I'm going to have to try and make it before they get too busy!