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Jul 8, 2006 11:35 PM

who delivers good food near Pico/Westwood?

I'm stuck at home for a few months on bed rest and am sick of my favorite few delivery spots (Jaipur, Chan Dara, Mr. Cecil's). I live near Pico Blvd and Overland Ave, just east of Westwood Blvd. Any good ideas?

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  1. Jacopo's.
    The delivery services: Gourmet Courier, LA To Go, City Food, etc. These will deliver from lots of restaurants and many will go off-list for an extra fee.
    Il Moro delivers.
    John O'Groat's will usually deliver on weekday mornings.

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    1. re: jcwla

      I think Jacopo's is closed. I'd really love to be wrong because Jacopo's has (had) one of the best Chinese chicken salads... ever.

      1. re: chowmominLA

        Jacopo's in BH moved to South Beverly (near Sushi Sushi and Islands) but the website seems to say that they won't deliver to Westwood from there. The West LA branch (on Olympic) did close.

        The best Westwood-area delivery pizza was from Ugo, but they've Gone To Culver City. I'm not sure what the best is now, maybe Pitfire (we've tried it once at the restaurant, it wasn't bad at all, but I can't vouch for the delivery service) or Maria's.

        1. re: PayOrPlay

          The former Jacopo's on Olympic @ Barrington turned into a Johnnie's NY Pizzeria and it even kept the same phone number as Jacopo's had: (310)-477-2111

    2. and both deliver in your area

      1. La Bottega on Santa Monica...a sleeper....excellent pizza and very reliable pastas...I recommend! Also the easiest # ever...477-7777

        1. Cheng Du, for lunch. Big portions, entree with rice and eggroll about $5. Hot'n'sour soup for delivery costs an extra buck and a half but worth it. I like the Mongolian beef, the shredded pork w/ broccoli a la Cheng Du, the shrimp in garlic sauce. Kung Pao chicken is ok, but the peanuts get a bit mushy with delivery. Avoid the lemon chicken or boneless chicken in garlic sauce -- both deepfried school lunch food.

          Delivery is prompt -- the restaurant is a bit west of you on Pico between Sawtelle and Barrington. I order my dishes extra spicy with lots of sauce.

          1. Sorry you're stuck at home. Here are some delivery suggestions from my Big Pile 'o Takeout Menus (caveat: I have not personally tried the delivery service from all these places).

            The Top Two:

            Ugo 474-4482 (very close to you) makes very good thin-crust pizza. We usually just order a big pizza and a salad; the pasta and entree items haven't been as impressive.

            Thai House 274-5492--the most reliable delivery service we know in the neighborhood, it ain't Renu Nakorn or Ruen Pair but it's among the better Thai places in west L.A. for such basics as Bangkok beef salad, pineapple fried rice, green curry catfish, angel wings, steamed mixed vegetables, larb, fish cake, BBQ chicken, "Pico duck", etc.


            Tuk Tuk Thai 860-1872 --some (not us) prefer this place to Thai House, their menu also says they deliver.

            Asakuma Sushi Delivery: A little expensive and not the best sushi in the world but not bad, and sushi delivery is fairly rare. If you're not supposed to eat raw fish for some reason related to your bed rest, they do cooked-food items as well.

            Chan Dara delivers although I'm not sure how excited I am about that prospect (we definitely prefer Thai House, above).

            The Coop 837-4462: good traditional (read, "heavy") Italian pizza parlor faves like eggplant parm.

            Hu's Szechwan 837-0252. Stick to the half-dozen Szechwan items on the menu and it's quite good; order anything else at your risk.

            Javan Kabob 207-5555. Our favorite Persian restaurant. Excellent grilled meats and rice pilafs. (Menu says 3 miles delivery area so call to confirm if they'll come to you.)

            Main Course 475-7564. Good chicken paprikash, OK goulash, stuffed cabbage, roast turkey.

            Maria's Italian. Decent standards, and close to you.

            Rosti. Best thing is the pollo al mattone.