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Jul 8, 2006 11:10 PM

Really tasty, but quick & inexpensive near the ArchLight Theater in Hollywood

...Or in Studio City.

We want to grab a quick bite before a movie, something along the lines of incredibly good tacos, juicy-mouthwatering fried chicken (Love Roscoe's but no time to wait)...really any sort of tasty, quick and yet inexpensive food anywhere between Studio City and Hollywood.

I'd appreciate any suggestions...I'm open to any type of food.

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  1. Have you considered Thai Town, the high concentration of Thai restaurants on Hollywood Blvd. between Western and Normandie? It should be pretty quick if you don't order anything too unusual. If you get a pad thai, papaya salad, etc it should all be made pretty quick. I would suggest Ruen Pair, but there are other Thai restaurants that others prefer. Check it out. Also, I would definetly go for some ice cream at Mashti Malone's ice cream after you watch your movie. It's close to the corner of La Brea and Sunset.

    1. Magnolia and the Bowery on Sunset just east of Vine are always options where you also do not need to move the car. Off Vine, not a favorite of mine but popular with many others, nonetheless, on Leland Way near Vine, and the Hungry Cat, while hardly inexpensive, is in the Borders thing across the street, and if you get there early and eat at the bar, you can have fun, eat well, and not need take out a loan.

      1. Thank you, both - Young chower and Carter,

        Great suggestions! The Bowery sounds just right for our group.

        Thanks so much!

        1. Los Balcones Del Peru is great and just around the corner. It has become my "go to" chow-choice when I go to the ArcLight.

          1. What about Cactus Taqueria? Check out Bandini's tacohunt blog.