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Really tasty, but quick & inexpensive near the ArchLight Theater in Hollywood

...Or in Studio City.

We want to grab a quick bite before a movie, something along the lines of incredibly good tacos, juicy-mouthwatering fried chicken (Love Roscoe's but no time to wait)...really any sort of tasty, quick and yet inexpensive food anywhere between Studio City and Hollywood.

I'd appreciate any suggestions...I'm open to any type of food.

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  1. Have you considered Thai Town, the high concentration of Thai restaurants on Hollywood Blvd. between Western and Normandie? It should be pretty quick if you don't order anything too unusual. If you get a pad thai, papaya salad, etc it should all be made pretty quick. I would suggest Ruen Pair, but there are other Thai restaurants that others prefer. Check it out. Also, I would definetly go for some ice cream at Mashti Malone's ice cream after you watch your movie. It's close to the corner of La Brea and Sunset.

    1. Magnolia and the Bowery on Sunset just east of Vine are always options where you also do not need to move the car. Off Vine, not a favorite of mine but popular with many others, nonetheless, on Leland Way near Vine, and the Hungry Cat, while hardly inexpensive, is in the Borders thing across the street, and if you get there early and eat at the bar, you can have fun, eat well, and not need take out a loan.

      1. Thank you, both - Young chower and Carter,

        Great suggestions! The Bowery sounds just right for our group.

        Thanks so much!

        1. Los Balcones Del Peru is great and just around the corner. It has become my "go to" chow-choice when I go to the ArcLight.

          1. What about Cactus Taqueria? Check out Bandini's tacohunt blog. tacohunt.blogspot.com

            1. tere's mexican on melrose and cahuenga is also good, cheap and fast. parking usually isn't a problem either.

              1. I second Tere's. It's excellent Mexican food, and very reasonable. One of my favorite places. It's located in a strip mall on the southeast corner of Melrose and Cahuenga.

                1. The Bowery is IT - love it there immensely. Have the Spinach Salad, the Sweet Potato Fries, and if they have it, the Seafood Salad.


                  1. I always enjoy the sandwiches at Super Tortas on Vine. The asada, machaca and believe it or not, the tuna, are always outstanding.

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                      I think ST has been closed...for YEARS!!!

                    2. Ate there less than a month ago and called to confirm that they're still open--10 a.m. but to only 8 p.m.
                      Super Tortas
                      1253 Vine St # 8,
                      Los Angeles, 90038 - (323) 469-8912

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                        Ahhh, that's the problem, I'm not usually around there those times during the week and weekend days it just looks dark.

                      2. Mario's Peruvian on Vine and Melrose has great peruvian seafood, and I second Los Balcones and Tere's, both excellent.

                        And if Bowery isn't too expensive, you should just go to Hungry Cat: for a few dollars more you will have a vastly superior meal.

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                          I keep trying Los Balcones but find it wanting when compared to Mario's. I don't know what magic Mario's uses on their saltado's but I think they are just plain better.

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                            Don't get saltado or tallarin at Balcones, they do other stuff way better, like the fried fish, which is simple and clean and delicious, or the cau cau de mariscos, with a slightly spicy mint sauce that is really tasty.

                            Mario's is great but I feel like a giant onion when i'm done. Balcones is the polar opposite: clean and fresh.

                            1. re: bza

                              Agree about the fish entrees, they are indeed great.
                              Also, the pescado ceviche is a MUST and the Peruvian (Giant Kernel) Corn w/ Peruvian Cheese is picture-Peruvian-perfect.
                              Not yet had the Shrimp Chowder, which I really like at Mario's.

                              I ain't ever going back to Mario's again (unless I become impoverished or Los Balcones closes down). LBDP has better food, better ambience, no wait and BOOZE: its a no-brainer.

                              1. re: Ciao Bob

                                Agree w most of your post, except the never going back to Mario's part. Mario's chupe de camarones is perfect, papas a la huincainos & saltados are superior to Los Balcones.

                                But your take on the rest of Los Balcones menu is spot on. The ceviches, esp a la piedra, the cau caus, & all the fish dishes are simply wonderful. Their nice SA wines wine list is the tiebreaker for Los Grubos. If only the reds were cooler.

                                The owner of Los Balcones is planning a thorough remodel. Hope it doesn't take too long. With fairly convenient parking in the ArcLight structure. Los Balcones has become a solid & welcome addition to the Hwood dining scene.

                        2. I've said this a couple of time but personally I find the food at Bowery abysmal. Cold fries. Small lame burger. Tired salads. Maybe I should give it another try but I have twice been very disappointed. Go to Hungry Cat and get a burger or Los Balcones. Both walking distance from the arclight parking lot.

                          1. Perfect combo: Zankou and the Arclight.

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                              LOVE zankou...but the mere thought alone of sitting through a movie after eating it made me feel disguting. And I would make sure it's an empty theater cuz i would feel horrible for any person within smelling range of your breath!

                              1. re: MikeLewis75

                                haha :)

                                i think zankou was the reason i became addicted to altoids and listerine strips but it's SO good.

                            2. If you want walking distance from the Arclight there's always Huston's at Cahuenga and Selma for some cheap, cheap, cheap BBQ. Not the best, but not bad and it's a fast $5 dinner!