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Jul 8, 2006 11:06 PM

Citron closed in Fresno-quick FYI

FYI to all Fresno hounds, Citron on the corner of Blackstone and Shaw has closed. My husband and I were at the Vineyard Farmer's Market this morning and noticed the sign had changed. It is now Blend a bar, grill, and lounge, iirc.

I never thought of Citron as in the same class as Upstairs Downtown,Campagnia, or Slates, but it does make me nervous that the classier joints seem to have trouble, i.e. Echo and no dinner for Upstairs Downtown.

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  1. >> it does make me nervous that the classier joints seem to have trouble,<<

    Me too. We were at Slates last week and the food was fine. We did several small plates rather than full entrees. The waiter was less than attentive (read barely there). I've always admired their shiny, white, square plates. The first course was on them, but from then on I believe they ran out to Denny's to replace. They were having two parties we later learned. Tacky for a high end place with corresponding prices.

    1. I was spoke with someone who is affiliated with Blend. He said they are the same as Citron (same chef, etc.), the only difference being "no white tablecloths."

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        So are they keeping the same menu? Or will the menu be going more casual?

      2. He literally said the only thing that changed was the tablecloths. I didn't get a chance to talk to him much about the menu since it was a convo in passing. Sorry!