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Jul 8, 2006 10:42 PM

Substitute for Thali (sp ?)-- Indian rest.

I don't think I have the name exactly right, but I'm talking about the tiny vegetarian Indian place that used to be on Greenwhich (near 10th St.) in the Village. I really liked the place, which went out of business some time ago. Does anyone know if it exists somewhere else now? Does anyone know of a similar restaurant in the West (or East) Village?

Thanks very much for any suggestions.


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  1. You do have the name right - it was indeed "Thali."

    The restaurant that took its place, Lassi, is under different ownership, I believe, but is quite good. It's a little more expensive, and offers many meat dishes (as you note, Thali was vegetarian.) Same location.

    - er

    1. Thali was Gujarati, so the options I know of with Gujarati dishes are Dimple, Sukhadia's and the much more upscale Vatan, none in the Village. If you're looking for good South Indian veg in the East Village, then try Madras Cafe.

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        vatan is a similar "thali" concept (set menu) but it's all you can eat. not buffet style. they bring you a tray of apps and you can re-order whatever you want. it's pretty economical for what it is, i think $28? all vegetarian, and everything is really yummy.

        1. re: jungirl

          I've never been hungry enough for seconds at Vatan.

          1. re: Peter Cherches

            i tend to over-do on the apps and order seconds, and then poop out on the entrees cuz i'm so full