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Jul 8, 2006 10:05 PM

Ortanique - Jamaican food - great!

I've passed by this little Jamaican place on Huron Ave in Cambridge a few times, but never got a chance to stop in until today. It was fantastic -- wonderful, spicy, authentic Jamaican food, great homey atmosphere and friendly service. Kind of feels like walking into someone's kitchen and asking what's cooking. Went for lunch today and had the jerk chicken with rice and peas, grilled plantains, and cabbage. It was absolutely delicious -- the rice and peas were to DIE for -- the chicken was spicy and it all came together well.

DP had the chicken roti (which, I think they only serve on Saturdays) -- a spicy chicken curry and chickpeas rolled in a thin flatbread roti -- very authentic and incredibly good. In fact, it probably trumped the jerk chicken.

To go with we had the homemade ginger beer -- not fizzy like the stuff you get in bottles, but cloudy, tangy, incredibly spicy -- perfect.

Although the place is tiny, and has odd hours (they close at 7pm, so dinner would have to be early), the food was fantastic. We'll definitely be going back. Would love to hear about other Jamaican places in the area and whether they hold a candle to this one.

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  1. I Completely agree! This cozy restaurant located in Huron Village is a prime spot for Jamaican food! Most consider it for takeout, while there are a few dine-in tables as well. Regulars rave about their patties and curried chicken, both of which go nicely with their refreshing homemade Ginger Beer. Topped off with great side dishes and service, Ortanique is an ideal restaurant for those in need of the ultimate comfort food.

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      Yup, stew chicken, curry chicken, and jerk chicken are all great. Beef patties are great and so are their chicken patties. They heat up the cheese and coco bread perfectly too, if you choose to have it like that. Nice friendly people. I usually get the homemade sorrel juice.

    2. Not sure how far away you're willing to drive for "other Jamaican places in the area" but One Love in Worcester is a favorite of mine. Very nice woman does it all: hostess, serve, and cook. It's exactly like dropping in to someone's place and having them cook for you. I have not been to Ortanique so I can't compare, but if you're ever in Worcester, give One Love a try. They have a good variety of seafood offerings in addition to the patties and jerk chicken. My wife ate there with a friend who's from Jamaica and said the food was very authentic.

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        Agree entirely - One Love is awesome. Haven't had a bad dish on two separate trips over a couple of years.

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