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Jul 8, 2006 09:43 PM

Indo-Pak pizza at Famous Pizza in Jackson Heights?

I read about the place in Robert Sietsema's guide to NYC ethnic eating. He says, "Indo Pak begins w/ usual cheese and tomato sauce....[topped w.] onion, fragrant masala powder, and fresh green chiles....I like it so much that I'm willing to taken one back to Italy and certify that it's the only true NY pizza."

I was planning on bringing a date there tomorrow. Has anyone had it? Is it worth a trip to Queens?


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  1. Are you (and Sietsema) talking about Elmhurst Famous pizza (which does have an Elmhurst and a Jackson Heights location)? The pizza there is ok, I got the Indo-Pak once. I dunno, for me the indo-pak is a curiosity but hardly "a destination" item. It might be ok as part of a stroll through Jackson Heights "Little Indo-Pak-Benga-Nepa Town." I like their other pizzas better. The little individual pizza portion makes it good for ordering a couple types of pizza and sharing.

    1. I'm a big fan of the Indo-Pak pizza at 'Famous Pizza'... It's rather spicy and unique-tasting, loaded with jalapenos and fresh garlic (bring gum). The pizza's 'uniqueness' is what might make the trip worth it (especially after the only other place I know that served a similar kind of pizza (on Queens Blvd in Forest Hills) changed hands/name/menu about a year ago.

      Two things:
      1)It takes them around 20+ minutes for them to make the 'Indo-Pak' (but you know it's fresh).
      2)I'm not sure it's such a great place for a 'date'. It's more of a 'family place' (as in: busy, kids, noise, etc.)
      But Jackson Heights is a nice to walk around...


      1. This place sucks they ALWAYS put you on hold when you call them, it's so annoying because the pizza is actually sort of delicious. Hate them.

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          one tip: place called difara's you may hear about here? steer clear... you'll think it sucks judging by those criteria :)

          1. re: jhleboeuf

            Hey, they also put me on hold too. And they always give me rediculous delivery times: the last time my wife called, they told her it would take ONE HOUR!
            Honestly, I don't even like the pizza that much. The Indo-Pak is the best pizza on the menu, and its only ok. The quality of the crust is poor. Just not worth it.

            1. re: annajasonjh

              the indo pak is my favorite thing on the menu by a wide margin...they have a special veggie pie that's good as well. but having tried their versions of more standard pizza offerings a couple times, i'd give those a decided thumbs down....

              1. re: david sprague

                I always get the "one hour delivery" warning when I order from them, but more often than not it's here in 30 minutes. I get the feeling they just say that so they can meet or beat expectations.
                We order the cheeseburger pizza - a favorite guilty lowbrow pleasure...