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Chinese in Ossining/Croton/Briarcliff?

Where can I get some reasonable Chinese in Ossining/Croton? The place on South Riverside Avenue in Croton has converted to a Hibachi/Sushi place - everything else seems to be "storefront" Chinese, with no particularly interesting variations in the menus, and no place that one might actually SIT and eat dinner. Just moved over the border into Ossining, so am happy to travel southwards now...

Craving... baby bok choy...

Nancy C

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  1. weclome to the area. IMO, there are no good chinese restaurants in the area although I haven't tried anything in ossining (I live in croton). There is a decent place in the Beach Shopping Center to sit down (in peekskill) but not great.

    If you don't mind the travel, aberdeen in white plains is great and its about 20 minutes drive from croton. We also like Imperial Wok in north white plains...a nice place to sit with an interesting menu. For take out, I'm afraid New China Restaurant in croton is about as good as it gets. Over the years, the food has gotten somewhat better...or perhaps my standard has dropped. At best, its mediocre.

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      I disagree with regard to the Chinese restaurant in the Beach shopping center. My wife and I were there about a year ago and it was awful. My wife didn't have high expectations (she's Chinese), but I was hoping for decent American Chinese and was very disappointed.

      Our primary choice for takeout in Ossining is Highland Oriental. Their ribs are quite good.

      We definitely agree about Aberdeen. We've been going there since it first opened in Harrison, and gladly followed it to White Plains. It is very nice to have a local suthentic alternative to Manhattan and Flushing Chinatowns!

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        I agree that the one at the Beach is really disappointing. We've generally gotten Chinese from either the one in the Shoprite plaza in Croton or the one in the A&P plaza in Peekskill, and you "get what you get" if you know what I mean. Last week we got food instead from the one at the Beach for the first time, and I thought the meat pot stickers were pretty bad.

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          We had a few good meals at the place at the Beach a few years ago when they put coupons in Clipper, but then it went downhill. Not sure if something changed or if we just got lucky. I do know that the last time we were there it was some sort of holiday and they tried to tell me that their lunch menu (which was allegedly always available) was not available, and gave in when I said i was leaving).

    2. Not far from Ossining in Thornwood is Pacific Palace. Their Chinese food is great and offer some Japanese as well. Have never had a bad experience there.

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        In my experience, over the years Pacific Palace has gone through a series of peaks and valleys, the peaks being when certain dishes (but not all) are quite decent and the valleys being all sweet glop all the time. What's good there now?

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          They have great dumplings, very fresh cold noodles (better than anyone else I have tried), love their sesame and General Tsao chicken and all their chow funs.

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            We finally got back there the other day and I was pleasantly surprised. The cold noodles -were- good (the sauce was even a somewhat spicy!). We'll be going back again soon. I am looking forward to some chow fun.

      2. How's the place in Yorktown Heights near the Starbucks? I also heard Su and Hai in Yorktown Heights (by the Karl Ehmer pork store) has some items of merit. I guess I'll have to schedule a taste testing day. I have a client in White Plains - will keep Aberdeen in mind when I'm down there, have husband come to White Plains via train!

        Thanks all... any more ideas are welcome!

        Nancy C

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          sue and hai goes up and down. At one point (10 years ago) it was great but now its uneven. The place in yorktown is a nice place to sit down but the food is very mediocre. A little better than takeout.

          If you don't mind the drive to mt kisco, there is a very good place on main st. called pacific restaurant. We have gone off hours and let the owner make us whatever he likes. Last time we had homemade noodles with shrimp and xo sauce. It was as good as anything we've had in flushing or chinatown albeit twice as expensive.

          ltlevy, I'm not surprised you thought the Beach chinese was terrible...we think all the local chinese food is terrible but given the choices, we think its a small cut above. Thanks for the tip on Highland Oriental. Anything worth trying other than the ribs?

          btw, decent thai food in tarrytown at thai garden...not Sripraphai, but not bad. If you like japanese, try hanada (in the kmart shopping center near the starbucks in yorktown).

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            There is a Shrimp dish (I believe it is listed in their specials area - don't have the menu handy) that is quite good. I think it was called Imperial Shrimp, but I wouldn't bet the ranch on that. Other than that one everything else is fairly standard take out. Decent, but not great.

            I also occasionally hit New China on 133 for their Pan Fried Wontons in Garlic Sauce.

            We used to go to Pacific quite frequently. We were very pleased with it when it first opened, but feel the service has gone downhill. With Aberdeen readily near by now, we haven't been back to Pacific in a few years.

            There is also a new small sit down place (at least that's how it looks from the street when driving by) in Peekskill called Precious Garden. Haven't tried it yet. It is on Main Street by Division Street.

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              Well we tried the place in Peekskill. It was pretty good.

              My wife had Ma Po Tofu and it was very good. I had WonTon Soup, and the wontons were the authentic thin skin type. I also had Kung Pow Shrimp, which was also quite good. Instead of celery they had diced broccoli stems which added a nice flavor. Our friend had the twice cooked pork, which was a bit disappointing.

              One word of warning they are closed on Tuesdays (I think for just the summer).

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                I was at Sal's Pizza (which is next door to Highland Oriental) and heard that the owner of Highland Oriental moved to Texas and opened up a buffet there. It is now being run by a relative of the previous owner.

                We've gotten take out from there since then and noticed a decline in the quality of the food. My wife had the crab fried rice which was sea legs and not crab and very bland besides. She also got Shrimp with Lobster sauce and didn't find many shrimp in the dish. I can't remember what I got, which doesn't say much for the food either.

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                  That explains it! My last couple of take-outs from there have been awful--very salty and oily, unusual for the old H.O. Guess I'll stick with New Happy Garden in the Shoprite Shopping Center in Croton for take-out for now.

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                  Wow... that must be very recent. I was just at Pacific the end of August. I reported on our disappointment in eating there (http://www.chowhound.com/topics/show/...)

            2. I like the Dim Sum at Highland Oriental. I recently had a pretty decent roast pork with baby bokchoy there. I find their food generally less oily than many other local takeouts.

              1. Again, not sit down, but the take out place next to Shop Rite has some good food and is definitely superior (and more varied) to New China Garden.

                My favorite places in the area are Imperial Wok in N. White Plains (used to love the one in Yorktown) and Sue & Hai.

                1. Had a really wonderful dinner Monday night at Aberdeen. A sampling of dumplings, salt/pepper squid, clams in black bean sauce, and spring rolls for appetizers, all DEE LISH (especially the squid) Honey Walnut Shrimp (weird and sweet), fish/tofu/pork in a casserole (very wonderful, homemade kind of thing, which the waiter tried to dissade me from, thinking that fish in black bean sauce would be more to our liking) and black pepper scallops. YUMMY. Thanks to all of you who've been suggesting Aberdeen over the years.

                  I have meetings in White Plains on Friday until 3:00... may have to have an early dinner without my husband!

                  Nancy C

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                    Nancy, I recently went to Aberdeen for dim sum and loved it too! I can't believe it took me so long to find it. Driving to White Plains from Ossining (I just moved here too) is a small price to pay for excellent Chinese food.

                  2. I am so happy to have a place we can bring the kids for dim sum. I was concerned they were going to grow up thinking chinese food was sesame chicken and general tso's chicken. They all love the place.

                    1. Across from the Ossining High School, China Ossining has risen from the ashes. It is not owned by the same person (I heard that he opened up a place in California), but by a cousin of his.

                      We order some basics just to try it out. I had the won ton soup. I was impressed that they used the true won ton skins, not the thick American Chinese kind. The only other take out place that uses them is Hunan Garden on N. State Rd. My wife had the chicken corn soup, which she said was good. For an entree I had the house special fried rice and shrimp chow mein. The fried rice was also not standard American Chinese style (i.e. no soy sauce), but the rice was a little clumpy. Probably not using overnight rice, but then again they've only been open a day or so. The shrimp chow mein was traditional American Chinese, but the veggies were very fresh and crunchy. My wife had the Beef Chow Fun, which she also enjoyed.

                      Looks like we have something to replace Highland Oriental on our take out list.

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                        We tried China Ossining for take out tonite based on ltlevy's review of the place and have to agree -- the food is terrific. We had the grand marnier shrimps, not as authentic as the ones we had in Chinatown - Brooklyn but tasty nonetheless. Also had the vegetable chow fun which we really enjoyed, although my husband had to add a dash of hot sauce on his plate. Would definitely recommend this place.

                      2. Thanks for the info on China Ossining. I found their website. I will have to stop by one day and pick up something for lunch.


                        I must admit I'm surprised it is so good given so many Americanized dishes on their menu. But I guess you have to make what people want to buy.

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                          I'm afraid I must disagree with those above on China Ossining. I went thier just after it openened and I was heartily dissapointed almost everthing I order was stupefyingly unflavorful the only remotely decent thing I had was the Mai Fun and that was ony average.
                          We also oredered from Higland last Sunday and If China Ossining was unimpressive Higland was abysmal First they screwed up our order (giving us bonless spareribs insted of standard) then we actually tired the food. The only really decent thing were the rangoons which dont really count becuse they probably by them frozen and premade. the boneless spareribs and beef sticks were both so sweet as to be inedible and the sticks at a slight turpentiney aftertaste. The beef with peking sauce (which was ordered by my father on the grounds that when i had ordered it it was nuclearly spicy) was bland and appered to be 1% beef 99% shredded peppers and celery. The chow fun reeked of canned bamboo shoots and spoiling mushrooms. on the wole terrible. Next time I order chinese in ossing I'm sticking with china star the foods not great but at least its not this bad.

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                            I also tried China Ossining based on recs from this board, and we too found it very bland. One of the things we tried was some kind of garlic chicken, noted as spicy, and it was not at all spicy. We tried it again (stupidly) and I asked for it very, very, very spicy, and it was, again, not at all spicy. Oh well... For our americanized Chinese fix, we'll stick with Lee Garden.... there's always Aberdeen in White Plains.

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                              My personal overall choice is suprinsing Taste of China over in Tarrytown. Okay so its not gourmet food but it is after having triade practically everwhere within a twenty mile raduis its the one I always end up coming back to where i can count on the food being realiably pretty good. Their mains are a little weak but some of the appetizers are great (particualry the fried calamari (they added salt and pepper squid to the menu too for thos who want slighty more authentic. Its pretty good by the appizer calamari is better) and any of thier homade dumpings (particualry the shanghai). Theiur rangoons are well filled, if not quite as tasty as they once were, (hey at least their not sweet) and their lo mein and chow fun are both quite flavorful. (one cavea thogh the mai fun's a little mushy)

                              1. re: jumpingmonk

                                We were just at Taste of China last week and were pleasantly surprised. Their menu is quite different than the standard take out choices. My wife had the fish ball and vegetable soup which she said was quite good. The wonton soup was just ok. For mains I had the Kung Bo Shrimp, which had a nice kick to it. My wife had the Ma Po Tofu which she also enjoyed. We were going to just do takeout, but the proximity to Main Street Sweets, made the tables there inviting.

                            2. re: jumpingmonk

                              After a few more visits I have to agree on China Ossining. We didn't find the spare ribs too sweet, we found them rather bland. Perhaps boiled first to cut down on the cooking time. And were less impressed with other dishes that at first.

                              We stopped going to Highland Oriental quite awhile ago, after noting the change in the quality of the food. After the fact we found out that there was a change in owners there.

                              Since then we've been getting delivery from New Happy Garden in Shop Rite cneter in Croton. If not great, it has been at least consistent. We've also tried Great Wall in Ossining a few times, while we have no raves for it, we were at least satisfied.

                          2. any updates to this thread? We've come to think happy garden in the shoprite shopping center in croton is the best in the area. Not great, but best around...got them to make a singapore chow fun a la ny noodletown that was pretty good.

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                              Magic Wok in Pleasantville has been consistently good--have only done takeout there. This is the first Chinese place I've patronized in about 7 years--I'd honestly just given up on Chinese food in this area, it's all so mediocre to awful. Magic Wok is not going to amaze you, but everything is well-prepared, fresh ingredients, good seafood, vegetables are lovely and carefully cooked, food isn't oily or greasy. I must warn you that their wonton soup is extremely bland. But everything else we've had has been just what I said: consistently good.

                              Magic Wok
                              43 Wheeler Ave, Pleasantville, NY 10570

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                                I also have something of a soft spot for Magic Wok. Some of their appetizers are very good, (And in the case of the roast pork rolls (NOT buns) downright addictive). The spareribs (particuarly the boneless ones) are fracmets of sweet carmelized pleasure. Thier wonton is I agree a little bland but thier seafood chowder is spot on. Thier lamb with scallions is one of the few versions I've had that is not gamey (though they put to my mind far too many canned baby corncobs in it) Their noodles in Peking sauce is to my taste only middling but I am a bit experiance biased (I had my fist taste at the Now closed Hunan Balcony branch on the UES and hve been trying, and failing to find a version as good since then (The UWS branch's version is terrible) and they shoud gain some points for even HAVING it (most places around here don't)