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2nd Ave. between 12th and 13th .. good and cheap suggestions please

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Would really appreciate some good cheap (student cheap) places in the area of 2nd. and 12th. East village, Chinatown as well ..
Any kind of food for a student chowhound living in NYC for the summer, willing to try anything but on a tight budget.


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  1. Well....

    For middle eastern, there's a Chickpea at 3rd and 14th. Pretty cheap and also pretty close.

    Right nearby this is Vanessa's dumplings which are pretty good considering their incredibly low price. I like them more than plump dumpling and dumpling man.

    There's a pretty good Cheesesteak place at 13th and 3rd called 99 Miles to Philly. Most don't like it as much as Carls, but it's one of the best in the city.

    Professor Thoms at 2nd and 14th has very good burgers. It is, however, a big Red Sox bar, so if you're wary of Sox fans, it's probably not the place for you.

    If you're into Tapas, Bar Carerra on 2nd around 12th is pretty good. They can add up if you get a lot, but if you're looking for a quick snack, you can get a couple of things for under $10.

    There will be a Saigon Grill opening up near Union Square soon (I think it's around 11th and University place) which will be great, fast and cheap.

    Also, there's always the sub-$8 dinner specials at most of the Indian joints on 6th between 1st and 2nd ave.

    Lots more, but that should give you a start.

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      "For middle eastern, there's a Chickpea at 3rd and 14th."

      They opened a new branch?

    2. Burritoville or Chipotle for Mexican. Otafuku or Minca for Japanese. Nicky's for banh mi. 99 Miles to Philly for cheesesteaks. Cafe Orlin for a coffeeshop.

      1. b & h next to paul's burgers on 2nd and st. marks has an inexpensive selection of soups and the buttered challah can't be beat!

        1. Walk 1 block to 1st avenue and go to Luzzo's between 12th & 13th. They have fantastic pizza (easily top 10 in NYC) and good other italian items. Not fancy, but lively and dependable. No hard liquor and try to get seated in the back room.

          1. Thanks .. great suggestions.

            1. For great Chinese dim sum in Chinatown that's available for takeout, go to 9 Chatham Sq. It's a greasy spoon but their pork buns are excellent and inexpensive. Also, their dai bao (literally translated as "big bun") is under $1 and it'll fill you up after eating one. If you're wondering it is; it's a steamed bun filled with ground pork, chinese sausage, shitake mushrooms, shrimp and an occasional hard boiled egg. Yes, it does sound odd but it's very good.

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                Used to be called Hop Sin - agree, great roast pork buns. Their steamed beef meatballs (dip in Worcestershire sauce avail on all tables), beef or shrimp rice rolls (ask for extra sauce on them), fried shrimp balls and even their iced coffee are all excellent. The fact that you can eat for two under $12 is a bonus.

              2. It's a little bit far, but if you can make the hike to Chinatown, there are many more cheap (and tasty places) there.

                1. pizza gruppo

                  b btwn 11 and 12, i think

                  great think crust.

                  good price on lunch slices, as i remember, but haven't been in a year or two.

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                    i second pizza gruppo. when i lived in a sublet on 13th and A i was totally addicted. also try caracas arepas for yummy brazilian (?) arepas, delivery or dine-in at village mingala (burmese food, which is sort of like a combo of thai, indian and chinese), village yokocho (japanese tapas size izakaya food) on 9th and 3rd, men kui tei, another japanese noodle shop (rai rai ken is also great), on st marks btw 2nd and 3rd there's a ton of cheap japanese restaurants. on 9th st sobaya has a great early bird dinner special, i think it's $12 and you get an assortment of apps and a noodles dish.

                  2. Also, if you can walk a couple of avenue blocks, try the tacos at Zaragoza Grocery (Ave A bet 13th and 14th). The best tacos in lower manhattan, multiple varieties, and around $2 each.

                    1. I knew I could count on the Manhattan Chowhound board ... you're the best and thanks so much for all your posts ... My son will be happy with all your suggestions.

                      1. Rai Rai Ken for terrific Japanese noodles. 214 E. 10th St.

                        1. Don't forget about the sandwiches at 'bite' on 14th st. just east of 3rd ave. (across the street from the new outpost of 'chickpea') which are simply delicious and addictive; the price is nice for such great quality food. Salads are good, too. It's also a far tastier and healthier option than the delis nearby. One of the major reasons that I miss living around there as a student is not being able to satisfy my near-daily 'bite' craving as easily.

                          For jamaican food, Daphne's is only a few steps east on that same block. The curry chicken and jerk chicken are solid. Beef and chicken patties are tasty as well.

                          Grand Sichuan on St. Mark's between 2nd and 3rd aves. is another standby; on a budget, for example, you could probably stretch an order of Gui Zhou Spicy Chicken over two meals.

                          Definitely take a walk around the area and do some exploring; there are the many options mentioned here, and others waiting to be discovered. And as other posters have mentioned, you will eat very happily in Chinatown and your wallet will thank you.

                          happy chowing,

                          1. I don't know where you're coming from... but if you like In N Out Burger- you'll like Blue 9 Burger on 3rd avenue (between 12th and 13th I think).

                            eGustibus Food Blog: http://www.egustibus.com

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                              i love in-n-out and ordered delivery of blue 9. it was pretty disappointing. i would eat that in house next time.

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                                It's not as good... but it's the closest thing you can get here in the city.