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Jul 8, 2006 08:05 PM

Campo di Fiore Harvard Square - closed??

Does anyone know why Campo di Fiore in Harvard Square closed? Husband went by on Friday, found it closed up tight, and the sign gone. The security guard said it was closed for good. This is a loss to the Harvard Square lunch scene!

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  1. Oh no!!! I'm so sad. I only got to have their glorious breakfast sandwich once. :(

    1. I heard that HU raised the rent so much that the owners were unable to afford the increase. It appears that HU wants to use all the space in the Holyoke Ctr. for their own affiliates - Harvard Univ. Health Ser., Univ Press, etc. I don't know if Campo di Fiore plans to move somewhere else in the Square, but we can always hope.

      1. Is this the same company that opened last year at BU? I keep meaning to try it but haven't been around there at meal time.

        Campo de' Fiori
        580 Commonwealth Avenue
        Boston, MA 02215
        Phone: (617) 236-2066

        If it is, it doesn't help for Harvard Sq lunches but at least it might give you a destination for your favorites.

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        1. re: PennyC

          That location has been closed the last couple of times I've been by (including this past Sun afternoon). Is my timing just off or is there maybe something larger going on with the company...

          1. re: psora

            I too noticed them closed on Sun. recently and had assumed they're closed Sundays during summer. Or some shortened summer schedule in general with the students gone. Hopefully that's the case.

            1. re: Joanie

              Yeah, I wouldn't be surprised if they closed or had limited hours during the summer. I'm leaving the Square soon, but I love my Spring Sandwich (marinated porobella, fresh mozz, avocado, greens, tomato)!

              1. re: mhoffman

                No really, they are closed. This was a Friday lunch time when he went by, and the security guard said they were closed permanently.

              2. re: Joanie

                Apparently it's not just Sundays or even weekends. I thought I'd seen it closed other days and went past it yesterday (Friday) noontime and it was closed tight. Maybe they closed for the summer.

                1. re: psora

                  I'm confused, sorry. Are you saying that the Comm. Ave. location, not just the Harvard Square one, has also been closed? :-(

          2. There may be a branch in Weston center

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            1. re: benzelig

              There is one off of Church Street in Weston Center. It's fabulous.

              1. re: EmJ

                It's actully on Boston Post Road, the main "drag" in Weston Center off of Route 20. It's in a little shopping center with an Omni Supermarket, behind Puopolo Hardware.

            2. It's true, it's closed... here's an email I received from them on June 30:

              Unfortunately Yes, it has closed for ever....Impossible to renew the lease
              at the going rate...we wish you the best and if you miss our food please
              visit us at our new BU Boston location at 580 Commonwealth Avenue.