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Jul 8, 2006 07:24 PM

Brazillian cuisine in Plymouth, Ma

Everyone recognizes that seafood, along the New England coast, is as good as it gets. Choosing fresh seafood dishes in Plymouth, Ma, is also, a no brainer. Not so well recognized is the changing demographics of the area, bringing with it the opportunity to sample some fine ethnic cuisine.

With the waterfront restaurants filled to capacity on a sunny weekend day, and parking next to impossible, we navigated our way to North Plymouth and stumbled across the discovery of the week. The newly opened Casa Brasil offers a fine all you can eat buffet for $8.95 Or, a never ending rodizio barbeque plus the buffet for $11.99. On Saturday's, the buffet includes fejioada, a pork and bean stew, long known as a national dish of Brazil. Also on the buffet, are are a variety of freshly made salads and tropical fruit. For the entre's, there is chicken, roast pork, fish, lasagna, assorted sides, and the best fried plantains I have had south of Boston.

The Barbeque kept coming out with various meats and birds. But what caught my eye was the whole pineapple, cooked so the sugar was carmelized on the surface, and then thinly sliced onto your dish to accompany a meat selection.

All in all, Casa Brasil,(across from Waynes Seafood) 318 Court St, Plymouth a welcome addition for the adventureous diner.

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  1. Sorry to intrude on your board from California, but I'm interested in Brazilian food lately.

    Other than that great-sounding pineapple and "the best fried plantains I have had south of Boston" what did you like there? Anything to avoid? Favorite meats?

    Did you try the fejioada? How was it?

    No kidding about changing demographics. I lived in the Boston area quite a while ago, and if anyone said there was a rodizio in Plymouth's future I would never believed it. Ok, I wouldn't have known WHAT a rodizio was.

    So is Boston a major plaintain town now?

    That $11.99 price is a major deal for a rodizio in my experience.

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    1. re: rworange

      $11.99 is the lunch time price for the rodizio. at night it goes to $14.99. Both prices are a steal compared to Boston.

      Boston is not a MAJOR plantain town. It's just that good plantain's have been available for a while, due to an earlier influx of South American & Latino transplants.

      The fejioada was killer good! Done with black beans,assorted meaty pig parts (including an ear) and baby gold potatoes, an unusual addition. The Roast pork, was a bit dry but highly flavored, the baked Chicken was awsome, as was the kale sauteed in olive oil and garlic. I did not see anything that looked unappetizing, indeed, it all looked TOO appetizing. A person could hurt themselves at such a feast.

    2. did they have chicken hearts as part of the rodizio?

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      1. re: Biggie

        I didn't see any when I was there, but I would be very surprised if they did NOT! Chicken hearts, seem to be a regular offering on most of the rodizio's that I have been to in the Boston area.

        1. re: Louis

          As Louis states, chicken hearts (coracaozinho) are basically guaranteed to be part of the lunch and dinner rodezios. There are other meats which would only appear at night, but Brazilians are going to request chicken hearts. That said, "gauchos" at a rodezio sometimes neglect to offer chicken hearts to mostly american tables and they are a bit more difficult to manage on the spit, so sometimes the person managing the grill won't put them on. The answer is to specifically request any meat you want to try, as well as saying no to something you don't want -- don't fill yourself up on dry chicken. As the gauchos will tell you "Americans let us come to them, Brazilians order..." when in Rome, do as the Romans.

          WRT to the plantains. Boston isn't exactly Miami or NYC, a few things to note

          1) The Boston Fruit Company merged with the United Fruit Company in the 1890s to create the largest banana "empire" which was based in Boston. (For more on the controversial history of the company, refer to other sources.)
          2) Significant numbers of Cubans began living in Boston in JP and Dorchester in the 60s.

          So Boston has had plenty of green and sweet plantains for quite some times.

          The rodezio in Plymouth sounds like a great find. There are now rodezios/churrascarias in Quincy, Rockland, Brockton, Falmouth, Fall River, Hyannis, etc. There is also a bakery and at least one sub shop in Hyannis. I hope this one keeps the quality up.

      2. YES, Casa Brazil does have chicken hearts as part of the rodizio at lunchtime. It was my first visit to this restaurant. It was clean and cheerful, bright and pleasant. The barbeque was delicious, and it was new to see how certain cuts (like chicken) were done differently from standard US grilled chicken legs. While there, I noticed a group of Brazilian men approach the buffet with styrofoam containers to fill for their lunch, and was happy to hear that for $5.99 per pound, you can take away whatever tempts you from the lunchtime buffet. On weds and fri (i think) they have fish as well as meats and the fare mentioned in other reviews. I loved the idea that (I work in downtown Plymouth) if I am hungry, but want take-away food, but GOOD food (not "fast-food) this beautiful buffet is there with freshly prepared, varied food, FAST.

        1. Hi, I lived in the Plymouth area for 33 years and was very excited when Casa Brazil opened. I am Portuguese decent: although, not Brazilian. The fiestas are similiar, the food very close. In fact, I enjoy the Brazilian better than mainland. The stews and black bean and meat buffet presentations are very tasty and authentic. Also, huge Portuguese sweet breads to self carve and serve is fantastic, Enjoy this wonderful addition to Plymouth.