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Jul 8, 2006 07:15 PM

Luella, Tablespoon, etc...good Russian Hill/Cow Hollow eats

so my family is going to all get together tomorrow night and we want a place with good food, and a great atmosphere (fun). I have eaten at Tablespoon and Frascati and enjoyed both.

Has anyone been to Luella, what do you think? Other places that might be a good cousin doesn't eat pork, but she is only one and I am sure we can find something for her. Everyone else is totally into food and wine and drinks and fun. We just want a great place that we know will be a hit.

I think Luella is appealing...and what about Terzo?


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    1. We've eaten at Luella probably 6 times and have taken visiting friends there, think it's a great little neighborhood place. Pork braised in coca-cola is excellent as are the fish dishes. The ricotta fritters for dessert are awesome. Service has always been right on. Be aware however that they only serve wine and beer, no cocktails.

      1. I had a good meal at Luella...not entirely memorable but I'd definitely give them another go. If your party is fairly large you could probably get in there easier than other places on Polk/Hyde. In that 'hood I also enjoy Street and Pesce plus Belltower a little further up Polk.

        1. Pesce, Antica, Frascati, in that order. Luella is good, but imho doesn't hold a candle to the others.

          1. The original comment has been removed