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Jul 8, 2006 06:09 PM

Where to buy great andouille sausages and bread for muffaleta sandwhich?

Hi all,

I'm hosting a cajun-themed party next weekend, and was wondering if you have any suggestions on where I can buy some great andouille and other spicy sausages for grilling. Also, I'm looking for a loaf of bread that would be suitable for a muffaleta sandwich.

I'm in the Silverlake area, but will travel for good ingredients!


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  1. I am not certain you'll be able to find authentic muffelata bread here in LA.

    You might want to do a web search on mail order options from New Orleans - try Central Grocery or Gambino's Bakery. In LA, you may just have to go to a place like the Italian Deli in Eagle Rock or Monte Carlo in Burbank and see what they have to suffice.

    Marconda's Meats at the Farmer's Market sells andouille and tasso. While you are at the Farmer's Market, you could ask the folks at Gumbo Pot at the Farmer's Market where they get their bread for muffalettas.

    Laissez les bon temps roulez!

    1. You can get a good substitute bread at Claros in San Gabriel. Valley Blvd, east of San Gabriel Blvd. Huntington Meats in the Farmers Market used to carry Savoies Andouilla Sausage and they make some great ones of their own. The Sausage place in Beverly Hills near Doheny has good andouille and other sausage. Gelsons & Trader Joes carry Papa Cantellas andouille, it is really good. Petes Hot Links on Jefferson, 1 block west of Crenshaw has great hot links. Bay Cities market has good bread that I use when I make a muff.....elata. LOL.....Enjoy! You might even get some crawfish at New Orleans fish market on Vernon & Arlington.

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      1. Cheese Store of Silverlake has some good bread. If they don't have what you need, they might be able to source it.

        1. Thanks for all the feedback so far . . . very, very helpful! I see we've even spawned a thread on the home cooking board.

          Just FYI, the bread I'm looking for is for the sandwich; the andouille sausages will be used elsewhere in the meal.

          1. Hi. I have tried all the local versions of andouille (but not tasso) and I have ordered andouille and tasso from virtually every mail order vendor in Louisiana, through the years. My favorite for a good, all around product is from Paul Prudhomme at If you buy 5 lbs, it comes out to $8.70/lb including 2nd day air (so you can have it on Wednesday) which is a great deal for the real thing, I think. Good luck with your Cajun party...I had one on 7/4 and people ate me out of a ton of jambalaya!


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            1. re: jnc

              Paul Prudhomme makes great Andouille !!! I was going local only.

              These guys are also good. I hope they are still there.
              Creole Country Sausage
              512 David Street
              New Orleans, LA 70119
              504-488-1263 Vaughn Schmitt