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Jul 8, 2006 06:03 PM

Room 4 Dessert on Cleveland Place

Has anyone been any good?

what to get?

a dessert sampling or individual dessert?

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  1. After some hype from another website, I was really unimpressed with Room 4 Dessert.

    For a place that makes dessert the focus, nothing stood out. Split two sampling menus and we were happy(impressed) with one item.

    I did not like the set up either and this is a common complaint regarding the place.

    My suggestion: spend the extra $ and go to WD-50.

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    1. re: ChrisZ

      What desserts did you have and what was the set-up? Is it similiar to Chiklicious which I have been to and thought was over priced and totally under whelmed me.

      1. re: G3B

        A very cramped bar that is not good for sharing or for conversations in groups of 2+. The service was rather lousy as well.

        Desserts had were the "Voyage to India", and "Infance". Nothing really stood out and all I can remember is the "Lucky Charms" tasted like stale lucky charms.

        The presentation was rather poor as well. Not saying it was bad, but when you specialize in Dessert and that is all you; it should be outstanding, not subpar.

    2. the experience is an interesting one, but i wouldn't say necessarily a satisfying one. because it's such a different approach to dessert, you're not going to necessarily walk out of there with the same feeling you would having eaten one of your favorite typical desserts. but i would definitely go back a second time to try something again.

      i had the plat du jour, which was nolitela (a homemade kind of nutella, more hazelnutty tasting and not as rich), caramel ice cream, bricohe and a cloud, which was a kind of lemon ice cream/sorbet in a foamy texture. the flavors were all very subtle, yet tasty. but in general i wasn't so impressed with any of these items. the best part of the experience is watching the chefs, and goldfarb himself, make the desserts right in front of you.

      i would recommend trying the voyage to india and the chocobubbles.

      i split my dessert sampling with another person and it was fine. nothing is very filling so you could get a dessert sampling all to yourself if you want. teh dessert glasses would also be good for one person or for sharing.

      the latte i had was also pretty good. very parisian and strong, no sugar necessary!

      1. I went last week and had the Red, which was an assortment of red-themed items (raspberry merangue freeze-dried like astronaut ice cream;a little flan-ish thing; beet ice cream). It was good, but Goldfarb can be confrontational, bordering on belligerent in his manner. Another friend went on a date there the next week and the waitstaff kept interrupting their conversation about what they were eating to inform them how they didn't understand the food. And the seats aren't comfortable. It seems to be a place set-up for someone's benefit, unfortunately not for the customer's benefit.

        1. I have to disagree with some of the comments on this blog. I find Room 4 Dessert a great dessert experience. It's definetly not the place to go if you are looking for a slice of cheesecake, but if you want something more sophisticated and interesting it doesn't get any better than this. I found the staff extremely friendly and knowledgeable. The dessert while different from what's out there, were all very delicious and well presented .Also, to be able to watch the chef preparing it was a real treat. The dessert bar is a new niche in the restaurant business indeed, not for everyone probably, a few weeks ago, Bill Buford wrote a whole feature about Room 4 Dessert in the New Yorker, i would recommend anyone to read that piece, maybe to better understand where they coming from, and what they are trying to achieve. In the meantime, i cannot wait to return to experience some more of Will Goldfarb's creations.

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          1. re: copernyc

            To clarify, I did not go expecting a slice of cheesecake. I did expect something more similar to Will's work at Cru, and did not feel that I got it.

          2. From the big article in the New Yorker on this place, it seems like the dessert version of WD-50, where I feel like I'm eating a high-school chemistry experiment rather than a satisfying dinner. The emphisis seems to be on "look what I can accomplish" and less on "wow, this is really delicious!"