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Jul 8, 2006 05:14 PM

sink rug

I've moved into a new apartment and realized that I'm wanting a rug by the sink so that the floor doesn't get gross every time I do dishes. What material do you think would be best to stand up to the rigors of the kitchen and the wetness of the sink area?

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  1. The answer depends on how messy you are. At my son's fraternity house, they used old beach towels and threw them in the washer several times a day. I have loved cotton rag rugs, hand made in Applachia, for their rugged durability and good looks. Today, I have an inexpensive Oriental rug because I'm tidier than I used to be and the intricate design hides a multitude of sins/stains. Rubber-backed rugs have never lasted for me because I tend to throw them in the washing machine & dryer and the backing self-destructs pretty quickly. A woven seagrass rug was very handy when I lived at the beach because all the sand went through onto the floor and I needed only to pick it up and vacuum underneath occasionally (the Health Dept will be on my doorstep after that comment). I have had a commercial rubber rug but found in a residential setting I was constantly tripping over the edge and it was *very* heavy to lug out back to hose down.

    This does not give you a very solid answer but there are many possibilities for choice over your lifetime. When one rug doesn't work, go on to something else - something you like standing on and looking at because you'll spend a lot of time there. Good Luck!

    1. I have a small oriental rug (not an expensive one) in front of my sink. It never shows the dirt and is very comfortable underfoot. You can usually find a small (2x3) one very inexpensively- some are used for samplers.

      1. I have a 100% cotton multi-colored woven rug - one of those cheapie numbers that I think I bought at Target or maybe Bed, Bath & Beyond. I like it because I can chuck it into the washer and dryer when it gets too gross, and when it wears out or I'm sick of it, I just replace it. It doesn't have any backing or anything.

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          there are fairly cheap tufted mats that are washable and have a non-slip backing that you could get at stores like Target or Walmart etc. and they come in either stripes (cheapest ones) or solid colours in different designs.

          I have one that has an anti-fatigue backing (can't out it in the washer though) but I haven't seen many of these mats anymore.

        2. You can check out Chilewich mats, which are an attractive designer vinyl.

          This brand is used in a lot of restaurants -- I see their hip looking placements in so many places here in NYC and they are sold at the Museum of Modern Art. They're lightweight, low maintenance and very durable -- you just wash them down with water.

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            have seen these in person in a local shop and they are very handsome! Pretty pricey, though, which stopped me from getting one.

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              On 1 of the HGTV shows, might have been highlighting some trade show, they had woven vinyl rugs in oriental designs that I have been unable to find a mention or website for. They were under some exotic city name, but can't remember. Does anyone out there know of what I speak? TIA.

              1. re: toodie jane

                FYI toodie, if you are in NYC Chilewich is having a sample sale of placements, runners, mats, rugs and some bags. I went yesterday and picked up 8 placemats for $5 each (normally $16 each). Some of them have slight imperfections, but if you just go through them carefully you can find enough good ones in the bunch. The placemat selection was extensive.

                They still had several mats available too, though the selection was more limited. They also had some shag mats, which have some pile and therefore some cushion.

                261 W.36 St 2nd floor (near 8th Ave)
                until 9/29, 10-6

              2. re: Pupster

                i agree that these are very nice to look at but offer no cushioning. if the latter is important for the back, these may offer only half the solution.

                1. re: jfood

                  Some of the mats, the ones that match the placemats are flat, but others like this one:
                  feel cushiony enough from the vinyl pile.

              3. I have a cream-background oriental wool runner on a non-stick pad in front of my sink. If it really needs cleaning, I treat any obvious stains, carry it a block & toss it in 1 of the spec'l oversize washers in the nearby laudromat. I spin it in a dryer on no heat to get most of the water out & drape it over a porch to dry back at home. Rug & ivory fringe comes out nice & bright. Really nice & soft under the feet in front of the sink as well as the counters on either side. I have another is the bathroom from tub to door.