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Jul 8, 2006 04:14 PM

Jack the Horse Tavern in Brooklyn Heights

My boyfriend and I are thinking about trying this place tonight...I haven't seen many posts recently on Jack the Horse...any thoughts? Good dishes to try? Thanks!

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  1. Would still love to hear about anyone's experience here. I walked by tonight (Monday) about 8pm and was pleasantly surprised to see than about 50% of the seats were taken and everyone seemed to be having a lovely time.

    Can *anyone* tell what it's like?

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    1. I had dinner there a few weeks ago with three friends.

      The space is lovely, the atmosphere very much a country inn/tavern. The drinks were good, the food is good, nicely prepared and presented, an overall good dining experience.

      This is a nice place to spend an evening with friends. It is not fine dining. The prices seem a little high for what it is.

      We will try it again soon.

      1. So we finally made it for dinner. The atmosphere was very nice and it's a good addition to the neighborhood. It was only about 1/2 full, but that could just be because many people in the neighborhood go away on summer weekends. Service was ok --our waitress was very eager to take our order and was right there again when we wanted to pay the bill, but could have checked in with us about the food. We started with the beet salad, which was very good. My boyfriend had the hake with jerusalem artichokes, and it was cooked perfectly but the sauce was heavy. In fact, the whole menu seemed pretty heavy for the middle of the summer. I ordered the burger medium rare. When it arrived it was much closer to well done, but being hungry and not being able to find our waitress for about 5 minutes, I ate it anyway. Not impressed at all. I mentioned it to her at the end of the meal, and she apologized for not having heardme correctly -- she had entered it as medium. In any case, it was not as flavorful or juicy as what I would expect from even a burger cooked medium. The fries were almost too salty to eat. We skipped dessert. We'll probably try it again sometime; hopefully they'll work out the kinks and change up the menu a bit.

        1. We've been three times so far, and while it is good, it seems a bit overpriced. It's hard to see this place supplanting NP as our number one choice. Service is a bit random, sometimes great, sometimes zero. Same goes for the food--I had the salmon main course the first time and enjoyed it, had the pork the second time and it was dry as toast. Hopefully things will improve in the fall when their volume goes up. It would be nice to have a few more options in the area, and Citronelle is helping.

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            What is this "Citronelle" you speak of?

            I did a search on the Outer Boroughs board and found nothing.


            1. re: Peter

              I think its the new bar and grill that opened on Clark Street b/t Henry and Hicks, where the bagel store used to be.

          2. Ah yes. I knew the name was familiar. Has anyoone been? Any good (or bad) things to say?