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Aug 11, 2004 09:44 PM

Where's the Beef (Wellington)?

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I'm having a serious hankering for Beef Wellington, but unable to find any restaurants that serve this in the Bay Area! Please help :)

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  1. coles in napa, main street, has it for their august special, my friend that had it last night said it was spectacular. rich

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    1. re: rich

      Yep ... WARNING ... 2004 post ... however, as I come across places with Beef Wellington, this seems as good as any place to keep that info.

      The Duke of Edinburg in Cupertino has Beef Wellington

      They also have prime rib with Yorkshire pudding ... but I digress.

    2. Also, there's the Pelican Inn in Marin County, near Muir Beach. Haven't been there in a few years, but when we did go, it was a very memorable meal. (Hubby, who doesn't drink, even had to have a quarter of a pint of Guinness!)


      1. Le Pot Au Feu on El Camino in Menlo Park had last time I was there a few months ago.

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        1. re: Vivian

          I had the Beef Wellington there a couple of weeks ago and found it just average. The sauce was too sweet, the puff pastry somewhat sodden in places.

          I prefer the one I had at Pigalle in Los Gatos. Beautiful puff pastry that was sufficiently cooked to be light and flakey. A good, balanced sauce as well.

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          Robert Lauriston

          You might call Cafe Rouge and ask if they could make one for you. The chef is fond of old-fashioned dishes like that and occasionally puts them on the menu.

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          1. re: Robert Lauriston

            O.K. I can't resist. This thread brings me right back to my early 20's (in the early 70's) when all things cool had complicated, time consuming preparations with heavy sauces and no one uttered the word rich or cholesterol. I was working my way through Julia's cookbooks and had little money. Wellington was a gold standard and I had not tasted it.

            I asked my friends to take me out for Wellington for my birthday. Through much research, which was probably a phone book crawl, we ended up at a "continental" place in San Mateo/Burlingame (which is now a Kuleto's right off the Broadway exit of 101). Does anyone remember the name of it? I think it had Turtle in the title.

            Anyway, we were served little warm soft loaves of bread on a cutting board (very chic), salty minestrone soup and gloppy cesar salad, which were all quite awful and by the time we got to the Wellington, we were too full to really enjoy it. It turned out to be a decent rendition, crusty pastry with a creamy slather of liver over a pink and oozing juicy slab o'beef.

            Thanks for your indulgence!

            1. re: deelish

              If this was part of the now defunct chain Velvet Turtle their individual Beef Wellington was the reason my wife made me take her here on a regular basis.

              We went to the one here in LA that was on Sawtell Blvd. in West Los Angeles.

              1. re: deelish
                Zach Georgopoulos

                Good heavens -- the Velvet Turtle! I was trying to remember where I had eaten Beef Wellington in the distant past, and that was the place.

                1. re: deelish

                  You forgot to mention the other special feature of dining at the Velvet Turtle: the chilled fork presented with great ceremony with the salad course.

                2. re: Robert Lauriston

                  I just got back from a trip to San Francisco --was a trip down memory lane .... lived near there in the 70s. We tried to find the Velvet Turtle :( Gone now -- we had success in finding our old "disco" Bimbo's (surprised us) ... but Dance Your Ass Off disco club is a mystery -- do you remmber that disco from the Chestnut and Columbus are -- near Bimbo's. May be a comedfy club now? Anyway--out on Sausalito, we tried to find Zak's restaurant. Now it is Paradise Bay -- fabulous lunch with a view -- sandwiches to die for :)

                  1. re: sherylga

                    I guess I miss Hippo Burger the most.

                    What did you have to eat at Paradise Bay/

                    1. re: sherylga

                      >Paradise Bay -- fabulous lunch with a view -- sandwiches to die for :)

                      I'd also appreciate an elaboration about Paradise Bay. I well remember Zacks and a few later incarnations, but I've really forgotten about that location with it's later inhabitants.

                  2. Assuming it's still there, Duke of Edinburg (I know I misspelled that), accross the street from HP, on Wolfe Rd (a bit north of Valco), has it, and other english fare, like steak-and-kidney pie.

                    There's two locations of Britania Arms in the south bay, but I don't remember if they actually have beef wellington...