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Jul 8, 2006 03:43 PM

6 days in the hamptons

Hi, my husband and I will be staying in the Hamptons for 6 days. Would appreciate any recs for some great restaurants in Bridge Hamton, East Hampton, and Sag Harbor. Price is no object.
For Example, we like Nick and Tony's and Della Famina.
Would also like some "hot" new spots.
Thanks in advance.

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  1. Just back, some feedback for you:

    N&T - fried zucchini as good as ever, pasta with veal cnd chanterelles outstanding, veal flank great, they also have a white salmon with different prep every night, both ladies loved it. ahi tartare great.

    DF - Really, really noisy this year. fluke tartare was the hit of the week. halibut was disappointing. special pasta with shrimp and tomato was great. steak very high end.

    Also recommend in Amagansett next to the farmers market Pacific East. Asian fusion and have half price sushi on mondays. recommend lobster lollipos, fire and ice tuna, and any of the fishes. Be careful of the whole deep fried fish, not an easy thing to eat.

    Laundry moved to new quarters on 27, much larger and i understand also noisy.

    Lunches - sandwiches at Amagansett market. Fried clams at Cyril, on the way to montauk. stay away from clam bar (across from Lunch) big ripoff and absolutely lousy food, even their salads.

    Breakfast and sandwiches - goldbergs bagels. best bagels in the hamptons

    Hope you have good weather.

    1. American Hotel in Sag Harbor is a good "price is no object" place!

      1. sen in sag harbor for sushi...