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PK's Blue Water Grill, anyone tried this Houston place?

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Some friends want to go to PK's, which is on Woodway east of Voss. It's new.

Has anyone tried it? Anyone know which other restaurants the owners have run or now run?

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  1. Well, I tried it myself. Supposed to be owned by someone formerly of Goode Co. Seafood.

    Let's just say I'm going to stick with Good Co. Seafood.

    1. Don't know about a Houston Blue Water Grill, but if you want superb, fresh seafood, go to the TopWater Grill @ April Fools Point in San Leon, a few short miles from the Kemah boardwalk.
      Capt Wally is the owner, and at last count had 10 of his own shrimp boats, so all the shrimp is fresh.
      I've had the coconut shrimp and the fried shrimp, excellent!
      Not a fancy place, but the locals frequent it, there is a top deck for dining and viewing the water action, plus an indoor dining room.
      815 Ave O San Leon Texas.
      You can't get good seafood in Houston, imo.

      1. I haven't tried it here but I assume it is realted to the Blue
        Water Grill in NYC as the Be Our Guest restaurant group as expanded and opened Strip House in Houston also (steak place- GO if you can and get the spinach and the 12 layer cake)!!!!

        I'd try BWG if I were in Houston.

        1. My sister went last night and said the food is very good. She said that the grilled shrimp tasted like Goode Co. Seafood. One of the owners was a waiter at Goode Co. for many years. She suggested that I go and try it.

          1. My wife and I had dinner at PK's tonight. It's in the former Grotto location on Woodway that morphed into a high-end Mexican place from Dallas that failed. Cool blue atmosphere, lots of people eating there at 9:30 PM, open since July 4. I was told the owner had worked at Goode Co. Seafood for 20 years. The replica of Goode Co.'s signature appetizer - the campeneche seafood cocktail - is about a 6, doesn't come close to the one at Goode Co. The chips served with it were greasy. All the fish is farm-raised except the red snapper, a real downer. We don't order farm-raised fish - ever. My wife had the mesquite grilled snapper and it was a 9, very very good. I had the combo mesquite grilled and fried shrimp and it was below average, a 4. The shrimp were halved to make it look like there were more and were overcooked. The fried ones were done in cornmeal, but tasteless. Overall, I was underwhelmed.

            1. I am a fan of PK's. Finally a good seafood restaurant in our neighborhood. The campechana is delicious, and is sort of fusion cuisine with the tri-color tortilla chips plus fried wontons. The seafood and veggies are so fresh and the simple grilled dishes really let the natural flavors shine through. The first time I went there, I had the scallops, and I haven't had such big juicy scallops since I lived on the east coast. That's a lot of food though, so sometimes I just get the salad with lump crabmeat. Dessert menu rocks too -- so far I've had the bread pudding with whiskey cream sauce, pecan pie and fruit tart. Cheers!

              1. PK's ? Not so much. Please do not eat there, it will only prolong a horrible resaraunt's business. The service is non-existant. Management is a joke. And the food, is a sad replica of Goode Co. Dont waist your time.

                1. I've dined there several times and am please with the service and the food, and will go back again. It's great to have a really good seafood restaurant in the neighborhood. The food is fresh, well-prepared and presented well. I don't like to be rushed and find the waitstaff considerate.