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Aug 11, 2004 08:54 PM

Lime Restaurant

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Has anyone been to Lime Restaurant on Market in the Castro?

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  1. I have not been but I have walked by.
    It is very clubby inside. The windows are pink and everything inside is white. the menu looks interesting but I have no interest in eating where the cool people must be, they tend to talk really loud.

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      ** disclaimer: lime is a client of mine **

      people inside are talking loud b/c the music can reach a deafening level. one person described this place as "the inside of an ipod" and i think it is somewhat accurate in that if Apple had a restaurant, it would look like this...

      that said on the decor, i have been 2x, once for a true dinner and once with a larger group for "apps and drinks". i'd say most people in here are in for the latter experience.

      if you like mojitos, they make 3 kinds (vanilla, coconut, and ??) that people seem to love. Drink and wine prices seem reasonable (the wine list is divided up by price point...$20-29, $30-$39 and $40-$49). Food menu is also segregated by price point and ranges from $5 to $10.

      Note that the food comes out VERY quickly and you can't fit more than a couple of plates on your table at once, so i would order in "rounds".

      food i have tried:

      grilled flatbread with white bean dip - love to fluffly breads. if you like hummus, you will like this ($5)

      grilled cheese - fun & kitchy but frankly, wish they gave you a bit more even for $5. dipping sauce is yummy. use white cheddar and good old white bread.

      deviled eggs (5) - about 6. pretty filling. i don't like eggs but actually liked these, till i bit into the whites. (but that is just my egg issue...others liked these a lot)

      zucchini fries (5) - addictive of course as they are fried and come with a decadent aioli like dipping sauce

      pork quesadillas ($6) - came highly recommended. i didn't find the pork seasoned enough.

      mini burgers ($7 or so?) - 3 truly mini cheeseburgers. taste like burgers. they don't ask you how you want them cooked

      sea bass in lettuce cups - $10 - 3 medium sized pieces served in a butter lettuce cup. Really nice and one of the lighter dishes here. Yum yum yum.

      steak tartare - $9 or $10 - i love tartare but didn't love this one. i would love it if they had a dish that allows you to try a bit of the steak and the tuna tartare.

      one incident pretty much sums up this place. when i told the waiter that i believed my glass of wine was corked or had gone bad, he scrunched up his face, truly troubled, and said "hmmm...can i taste??". i didn't believe for a second he would refuse me a replacement but frankly, would i want it back after he tasted it?? i said sure and he agreed w/me and promply brought me a fresh glass from a new bottle.

      but this is the sort of place where that will happen!!

      service is very friendly (very, see above) and pretty efficient given how busy it gets. we had no trouble ordering more food and drinks when we wanted to.

    2. We went to Lime last night after seeing Mort Sahl at a local club. We were attracted to the colors from outside. It was very pretty inside. And loud, but we could still talk to each other easily. Couldn't hear other people's conversations. And we were the oldest people in there by about twenty years (we are just on either side of sixty). We loved the food, crispy red potatoes, sea bass in lettuce cups, gnocci, fig salad. The sizes were right, the menu pricing is unique and useful. We would go back.