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Jul 8, 2006 02:11 PM

What to make with leftover dark rum?

I bought a bottle of Gosling's black seal Bermuda rum to use in an ice cream recipe (rice ice cream with rum-soaked fruits). I will probably make the ice cream again, but even so, there's quite a bit left. I don't usually drink rum, so I don't know what to do with it.

Any suggestions for tasty drinks made wtih dark rum? I don't like sweet drinks. I prefer tart or bitter stuff. Gin & tonics, lemon drops, margaritas, etc.


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  1. Try a dark 'n stormy. It's dark rum with ginger beer--not ginger ale--which keeps the sweetness from becoming cloying. There's a Bermudan brand that is the "official" mixer for a Gosling's dark 'n stormy, but I forget the name.

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      Oh! That's a great idea. I've never had a dark 'n stormy, but I love ginger beer. I'm partial to Reed's Extra-Ginger Ginger Beer. Maybe I'll pick some up tonight...

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        yes, yes, i use reed's from trader joe's. fill tall glass with ice, start with half a lime, squeeze the juice in, drop in the lime; pour rum over the lime and then fill glass with ginger beer, stir.

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        I believe that's going to be Barritt's Ginger Beer. It's what we use at Trader Vic's, and it is pretty darn tasty.

        1. Dark rum with freshly-squeezed orange juice. It's a pleasant drink to have.

          1. I've been meaning to make a rum baba someday, maybe you should try that, yo. I just like screaming it: RUM BABAAAAH!

            1. I recently saw the bartender at a local restaurant making a mojito using Meyer's dark rum. I didn't try it, but the idea of using dark rum instead of light was interesting. The 3 people drinking them had at least 2-3, so it must have been pretty good.

              1. Dark rum and spicy ginger ale (like Reed's) is awesome.
                OR! Make a lime rickey, fresh lime juice and soda water, maybe a little simple syrup (think TOm Collins porportions).

                But I like a classic margarita with dark rum:

                2 parts dk rum, 1 part triple sec/grand marnier, 1 part fresh lime. (simple syrup optional).

                Of course, there's always lime/rum jello shots.

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                  Add a little bit of orgeat (almond) syrup and cut back on the triple sec and you have yourself the classic Mai Tai. I usually make mine with a mix of Gosling's and Appleton Estate VX.