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What to make with leftover dark rum?

I bought a bottle of Gosling's black seal Bermuda rum to use in an ice cream recipe (rice ice cream with rum-soaked fruits). I will probably make the ice cream again, but even so, there's quite a bit left. I don't usually drink rum, so I don't know what to do with it.

Any suggestions for tasty drinks made wtih dark rum? I don't like sweet drinks. I prefer tart or bitter stuff. Gin & tonics, lemon drops, margaritas, etc.


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  1. Try a dark 'n stormy. It's dark rum with ginger beer--not ginger ale--which keeps the sweetness from becoming cloying. There's a Bermudan brand that is the "official" mixer for a Gosling's dark 'n stormy, but I forget the name.

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      Oh! That's a great idea. I've never had a dark 'n stormy, but I love ginger beer. I'm partial to Reed's Extra-Ginger Ginger Beer. Maybe I'll pick some up tonight...

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        yes, yes, i use reed's from trader joe's. fill tall glass with ice, start with half a lime, squeeze the juice in, drop in the lime; pour rum over the lime and then fill glass with ginger beer, stir.

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        I believe that's going to be Barritt's Ginger Beer. It's what we use at Trader Vic's, and it is pretty darn tasty.

        1. Dark rum with freshly-squeezed orange juice. It's a pleasant drink to have.

          1. I've been meaning to make a rum baba someday, maybe you should try that, yo. I just like screaming it: RUM BABAAAAH!

            1. I recently saw the bartender at a local restaurant making a mojito using Meyer's dark rum. I didn't try it, but the idea of using dark rum instead of light was interesting. The 3 people drinking them had at least 2-3, so it must have been pretty good.

              1. Dark rum and spicy ginger ale (like Reed's) is awesome.
                OR! Make a lime rickey, fresh lime juice and soda water, maybe a little simple syrup (think TOm Collins porportions).

                But I like a classic margarita with dark rum:

                2 parts dk rum, 1 part triple sec/grand marnier, 1 part fresh lime. (simple syrup optional).

                Of course, there's always lime/rum jello shots.

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                  Add a little bit of orgeat (almond) syrup and cut back on the triple sec and you have yourself the classic Mai Tai. I usually make mine with a mix of Gosling's and Appleton Estate VX.

                2. Make a Goombay Smash...add Malibu Rum, Pineapple Juice, Orange Juice (and grenadine if you like). Some recipes add a dash apricot brandy, although I've never tried it that way. The stuff will get you smashed!!

                  1. Ooh, I like the Goombay Smash idea. I think I'll whip some up tonight!

                    1. Heat maple syrup w/ butter and a splash of rum--love it over french toast or pancakes.

                      1. Sorry, But there is NO such thing as Leftover Rum

                        1. Make up some Banana's Foster for dessert.

                          1. Instant hot-buttered: Shot of rum, splat of butter, 5 spice, sugar, orange slice, and hot water

                            Use a little hot water to melt the butter and sugar with the spice, add the rum and more hot water to taste.

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                              Even better, use brown sugar.

                              This reminds me, I've got to mix up some hot buttered rum batter. We just had our first big cold snap of the season around here in Phoenix. 40 degrees at night may not be all that cold for the rest of you, but to us it's bone-chilling!

                            2. Add a few Tablespoons to a flourless chocolate cake.

                              1. I don't know the exact proportions, but I'm sure you can find a recipe for a gimlet - Rose's lime juice + dark rum. It's one of my favorite winter drinks.

                                1. It's a little late now, but soaking the fruit for the Christmas cake in Gosling's black rum is a Bermudian tradition. My mother used to start around September.

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                                    Rum cake and Little Rum Cookies are my favorites.

                                  2. I"d just sip it on the rocks with a twist.

                                    1. rum cake or zuppa englese--rum balls

                                      1. I have discovered probably the BEST drink ever: about 2 shots of Cruzan Black Strap dark rum and a ginger soda called Vernors. Serve with or without ice and drink year
                                        round. Vernors can only be found in certain places so if you can't find it in your area
                                        look online (vernors.com) to locate the nearest area to you. Enjoy!

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                                        1. Cut up a fresh pinepple into rings or spears. Soak overnight in Goslings. Grill as a side dish or dessert. Yumm.

                                          1. mix with triple sec and lime juice


                                            mix with stirrings orange bitters and lime juice

                                            or make dark mojitos