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Jul 8, 2006 01:09 PM

ISO -- UES Coffee Shops

Hi everbody:

I need to write my dissertation, and prefer coffee shop living. Somehow I've ended-up living on the UES. Does anyone know of a coffee shop that has decent pastry/bagels that are not a price gauge, internet access, and electric sockets for laptop use? I seem to be finding either the all-terrible Starbucks or old-school places without criteria above. Does anybody have any suggestions?

A nice almond croissant and a cup of french roast would be great right now... But dissertation must be written too... lol

TIA, Nicole

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  1. DTUT (stands for downtown uptown) on 2nd Avenue between 84th and 85th...
    Definitely a writer's paradise... an exposed brick, sofa filled neighborhood coffee shop with free internet. Very laptop friendly. Good food selection. Hard to believe it is on the upper east. I think it is exactly what you are looking for... Enjoy!

      1. If you want a quiet mature place go to Rohr's on 85th near 2nd. If you can get any thinking done at DTUT ( a racket)let me know.

        1. I agree with chaz. DTUT can at times border on boisterous. I have absolutely no problem enjoying a drink and a snack there- I just wouldn't go with the intent on completing any serious work.

          1. I went to both. After a few hours, DTUT closed for a private party. Someone suggested I got to Rohr's and I was happy they did. I liked both, and will keep them on my cafe hopping roster. Thanks for all the help!