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Hi everbody:

I need to write my dissertation, and prefer coffee shop living. Somehow I've ended-up living on the UES. Does anyone know of a coffee shop that has decent pastry/bagels that are not a price gauge, internet access, and electric sockets for laptop use? I seem to be finding either the all-terrible Starbucks or old-school places without criteria above. Does anybody have any suggestions?

A nice almond croissant and a cup of french roast would be great right now... But dissertation must be written too... lol

TIA, Nicole

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  1. DTUT (stands for downtown uptown) on 2nd Avenue between 84th and 85th...
    Definitely a writer's paradise... an exposed brick, sofa filled neighborhood coffee shop with free internet. Very laptop friendly. Good food selection. Hard to believe it is on the upper east. I think it is exactly what you are looking for... Enjoy!

      1. If you want a quiet mature place go to Rohr's on 85th near 2nd. If you can get any thinking done at DTUT ( a racket)let me know.

        1. I agree with chaz. DTUT can at times border on boisterous. I have absolutely no problem enjoying a drink and a snack there- I just wouldn't go with the intent on completing any serious work.

          1. I went to both. After a few hours, DTUT closed for a private party. Someone suggested I got to Rohr's and I was happy they did. I liked both, and will keep them on my cafe hopping roster. Thanks for all the help!

            1. Nicole, I am on the same search for the same exact nutty dissertation reason! If you want to exchange coffee shop finds, let me know. Try Lenny's at 77th and 2nd, by the way, when needing a change, though they aren't open very late...

              Take care,