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Jul 8, 2006 01:08 PM

Easiest & Best Veggies For The BBQ?

i am having a bbq next weekend and i wanted to do veggies on the grill. i usually just buy the pre-made kabobs, but i was thinking of doing the tin foil thing? is that better?
what is the best way to do veggies?
the easiest?
and which veggies are best to do? i want to include corn, but doesnt that take much longer to cook?
im sure my husband the grill master would die if he knew i posted this, but i just want to make sure :)

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  1. all peppers grill well. so does asparagus, and I also adore sweet potatoes par-boiled, marinated, and grilled. Leave the skin on so they don't fall apart. of course there's always the potobello too.

    1. We love grilled broccoli. Infuse olive oil with a couple crushed garlic cloves; cool to room temp. Place broccoli florets in a Ziploc bag and pour oil over; turn bag to coat well.

      Use a grill basket (mine is like a pan w/holes) to grill; floret-side down. We like ours "well done". Sprinkle with Kosher salt. Deeelicious!

      1. here is a link to a thread I posted a while back...

        red onions, zucchini, mushrooms & colored bell peppers work well

        1. I love sweet potatoes, onions, yellow squash, asparagus, potobello mushrooms and peppers on the grill. i tried eggplant last night and just didn't care for it too much. I usually marinate them in some sort of vinagrette (balsamic works well) and then put them in pita bread with some goat cheese. YUM!
          As for corn, I usually wrap those in some aluminum foil and throw them on the grill for about 15 minutes before the rest of the veggies.

          1. Right now you can get Vidalias here and I love them grilled. If you are grilling onion, slice them thick and skewer them.
            I have a grill basket so I'll chop some peppers, onions and mushrooms (Or use small whole ones), toss with some oil, S%P and more or less stir fry them. They're great.
            If you have charcoal, you can put whole peppers right on the coals and roast them up that way. Looks good to the untrained eye. Especially when you let the skins get black. Extract them from the fire, put them in a bag to steam and then peel. I usually make strips for wraps.
            Mostly it depends on what you're serving them with. The veggies in a basket I usually do when I'm doing wraps. Asparagus done up like a raft is great with steak or fish. Portobellos with steak or as a sandwich of their own.
            Also, grilled pineapple slices are great.

            Just some ideas