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Jul 8, 2006 09:09 AM

Went to Old Clam House on Bayshore for lunch...

the bread was good.

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  1. ok. I'll bite. What did you EAT, other than the bread?

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    1. re: Cynsa

      I am guessing that the implication is the bread was the ONLY good thing. If you can't say something nice ...

      Here are some old posts from other Chowhounds including myself:

      Wretched meal at Old Clam House

      The Old Clam House and Fried Clams with bellies

      Since that post, other places selling excellent fried clams have opened like Old Port Lobster Shack and Woodhouse Fish. Never did have the fried clams at The Old Clam House.

      Also a few places started serving excellent clam chowder like Woodhouse and Sea Salt.

      I might have lucked out on my visit and arrived on the day The Old Clam House got the fresh fish. I have never read many remotely postive posts about The Old Clam house since my visit. In fact, IIRC, a few people cursed me out for that post after eating there.

      How many people will compare a dish at Old Clam House to Boulevard? Too bad those posts from the old software are not editable.

      Who else would proclaim the flour-thickened OCH clam chowder superior to Hog Islands $14 dish of clams in broth (ok, I still think that).

      And hey, while it is not the best of its class, another poster liked the clam chowder

      It is what it is. I can't imagine it has changed a bit since my visit. The portions are hearty, for me the fish was fresh and nicely cooked, but it is beyond old school cooking.

      BTW, the bread on my visit was stale. So I guess you can't count on either fresh bread or seafood cooked correctly.

      1. re: rworange

        Yes..that certainly was my point...I went with a friend we were looking at tiles in the area...we had a mediocre fried somekind of fish on an ordinary roll with frozen fries...I had the "Seafood" salad....horrible watery overcooked/rubbery tasteless seafood. I would avoid this place like the plague (maybe their dinners are better?..I'm not rushing to find out!)

        1. re: ChowFun_derek

          It's so close to my house. I would go once in a while if it even reached the level of mediocre, but I have been once and never again. The prices are high too.