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Jul 8, 2006 05:31 AM



I am headed to a conference in Honolulu. Would like to know where to eat seafood, local cuisine, Asian food.



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  1. Gyu Kaku is great - japanese yakiniku, grill your own food. It is a chain from Japan and is lined up all the time. Great food, great prices and amazing atmosphere.

    1. For local food go to Rainbow Drive-In and get yourself a plate lunch.

      Rainbow Drive-In
      3308 Kanaina Avenue
      Telephone: 808.737.0177

      1. A good Chinese restaurant near Waikiki on the Diamond Head side of Waikiki is "Bamboo House" Restaurant. Their Garlic Prawns, dry bean with minced pork and salt pepper sea bass are first rate! This is a small "mom and pop" Chinese restaurant located in the Kapahulu area.

        Located close by is "Ono Hawaiian Foods" another small restaurant that has good Hawaiian food. The lau laus (pork/fish wrapped in ti leaves and steamed) are HUGE and should be ordered on the side rather than one for each person.

        Parking is on street so give yourself some time to find parking. If you are staying at a hotel near the Diamond Head side of Waikiki, it might give you a pleasent walk to the area. If it gets too late you can always catch a cab after dinner. Both places are also open for lunch.

        Happy eating!


        Bamboo House
        740 Kapahulu Avenue
        Honolulu- 732-2229

        Ono Hawaiian Foods
        726 Kapahulu Avenue
        Honolulu- 737-2275

        1. I really liked Indigo - plus a really fun Happy Hour!

          1. It's a mini-chain in Hawaii, apparently, but I had a great meal at Sansei sushi restaurant. It seems to be a fusion/traditional mix, most of sushi and creative rolls but a lot of interesting dishes as well. I went with a party of 9 people. Not only were they extremely accomidating for our large group, and everyone seemed to love the food, but the waiter was kind enough to split all our checks without even being asked! Now that's service.