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Jul 8, 2006 05:30 AM

sad news about Nicky D's pizza in Silverlake

Never have I seen a place take a dive SO fast. We'd been just a few weeks ago, but this week when I saw ALL new faces AND a new menu I knew there was trouble. Orders were wrong; food was late, pizza was burnt and greasy. There was tons of drama with customers arguing with the new manager, also. Called a friend that's a regular and confirmed screw-ups with her order last weekend. I am going to miss it. The old manager really seemed to have her crap together. Maybe they'll get some of the staff back, but it's a doubter. This is Fred 62 all over again. :(

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  1. Say it ain't so! I live one block away, but haven't been there in 3 weeks. Wha' happened?! (If they changed owners - I haveta say - we saw it coming: There were never enough people eating in...on a regular basis.)

    1. What happened? I thought it was a husband-wife team.
      Has it been sold?

      Arghhh ...

      1. The reason I haven't been back to Nicky D's for over a year is because of all the drama the last few times I went. When their pizza is good, it's good, but if they forget to put in your order or deliver it two hours late, then it's not really worth it. Don't know about the new management though.

        1. I thought it was just me! Last Saturday they made me call back three times -- and I was ordering at 5pm! They didn't include the salad dressing in the order, but I found that my pizza seemed to be the norm. Gotta confess, I'm not the biggest fan -- it's good, not great. If Casa Bianca was in our hood -- look out. The pizza's a little thin for my taste -- if I'm gonna have pizza, want to have pizza.

          P.S. This new site is great!

          1. That's interesting...we were there last weekend and thought
            it was just great!! Everything we ordered was delicious. However, we noticed that the manager was no longer there and everthing seemed to run much more smoothly and the general feel of the place seemed happier.

            Nick & Bunny (the owners) are wonderful and their
            business is a great perk of living in this neighborhood.

            Of course, I can't help but wonder if this posting wasn't
            put up from a disgruntled ex-employee (besides the manager,
            we noticed a few other employees were no longer there, too)!

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              gossamered - Nice try. No just a customer that liked the food and the atmosphere. It's cool you like the owners so much. Maybe you can straighten them out. I gotta say I never saw them there before (and my family and I are very much regulars from the hood). I never even knew the staffs names (I told them apart by tatoos). May your luck continue with good food. To me burned is burned and greasy is greasy and customer service is - well you know. We'll be giving it a while to see how the changes settle in.

              Gotta say, this new Chowhounds set-up WAY better. Just trying to look at the old one was maddening.

              1. re: bo_burger

                FWIW, for the a number of years until the last year or so, Nicky was ALWAYS there. I think he was able to ease back once the operation started running more smoothly.