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Jul 8, 2006 04:37 AM

Captain Jerry's Crab House

Went to Captain Jerry's Crab House tonight for an AYCE crab thing.
Captain Jerry's in on Lee Hwy in Fall Church right next to the Myanmar Resturant.

My wife got the crab cakes. They were 2 quarter pound patties and she like it. I on the other hand took a bite and was sorry that I did. They charge $19 buck for it, and I would say it is pretty poor.

The rest of us got the AYCE crab (male=$29). They also have Dozen and the prices are a bit cheaper than other crab houses but only by 3 or 4 bucks.

The crabs were spiced and cooked just right. Most of the crabs we had tonight were very good in size and weight. @ $29 this was a great deal. We did have a few that were small but I was so happily surprised about the size.

If you want crabs, try out captain jerry's. I loved it. We ate for about 3 hours and felt that I had gotten a really great deal.

BTW, as far as the drinks are concerned, go for the lemonaid. The make it fresh squeezed and it was one of the best I've had (not overly sweet).


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  1. Went back tonight with a bunch of friends. They also had all you can eat shrimp for the same price as AYCE crabs, $25 with a coupon in the friday paper.

    Lemonade still rocks. The crabs were good but a bit small, still meaty. Not as great as last time.

    Some of the folks got AYCE shrimp and they were large and really really well done. They were boiled with a slightly spicy seasoning. They were so much better than the crabs.

    We had a pretty good night out, we ate and drank for 3.5 hours. I'd still recommend Capt. Jerry's but the crabs were a bit small tonight.

    BTW, I like the fact that they don't seem to cook the crab or the shrimp until the order was placed. It took a while for the orders to come out (we were one of two tables when we ordered) and the crabs were HOT when they came out. Well done.

    1. Sounds like, overall, it's a good place to know about. I've always wondered about it after eating at Myanmar. It's completely deserted at lunch time. Is anyone there in the evenings?

      And did you notice if myanmar was open?

      1. I know I'm raising this thread from the dead, but does anybody know if this Captain Jerry's is related to the one in Laurel? If so, I'll drop in on the Laurel location and post a review.