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Jul 8, 2006 04:22 AM


Some friends and I headed to Dante in the Royal Sonesta in Cambridge tonight. I have to say, I had visions of going to the bar at Clio (which is one of my favorite spots) but my friends changed the plan. Despite my initial disappointment, it definitely had some positives. First of all, they have a pretty big outdoor patio with both dining tables and a bar (and unlike a lot of local spots, you can actually reserve an outdoor table).

We started the night at one of the outdoor bar tables and had a very friendly waitress. We were promptly seated at our reserved table outside and while the service was a bit slow, the waiter was quite knowledgeable about the menu. We started with a very lemony and delicious tuna tartare, the gnocchi with sweet peas and fava and the mini lobster clambake which was a small andouille corndog, some roasted lobster, corn off the cob and cockles with a touch of fennel.

We then moved on to the main courses. I had the 'chicken under our bar top' which was there version of chicken under a brick. I have to say, the chicken was very moist and delicious and served with an anaheim pepper stuffed with pulled chicken that had a bit of a smokey flavor and a tad of goat cheese. The pepper reminded me of a chile relleno. My friends had the yuzu marinated cod, the steak frites and some scallops, none of which I can comment on except to say that they clearly liked them since I didn't even get the chance to try them.

The service got very slow by the end of the night. Our waiter seemed to be busy with a fairly large party. But despite that, we enjoyed the food and a night of al fresco dining.

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  1. That post inspires me to eat dinner al fresco. Overall, seems like you had a nice experience. I am wondering how much the appetizers and entrees cost, and if you think the prices coincide with the quality of the food.

    1. You can check out the menu on menupages

      I thought some things were a bit overpriced like the pasta appetizer that I saw someone at the next table eating and had pondered getting until I saw how small it was (for $12). Most of the apps were in the $10-12 range which was ok. The entrees were mostly in the mid $20s which I thought was pretty fair given the decent portion sizes.

      Enjoy this beautiful weather!