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Places to eat just off I-5 from South Oregon to North Washington

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It strikes me now, on the eve of our car trip, that driving this distance (and then some) with 2 small children was not necessarily the most well thought out plan. But that's the plan.

Please recommend to me any place good for a dining stop, any meal, so long as it meets the following criteria:
1. kid friendly (i.e., no white tablecloths, no long waits, no big checks at the end)
2. within 10 miles of the I-5.

We love ethnic or standard american, anything but peanut heavy cuisines (like thai), and it can be for any meal b'fast lunch or dinner. Needs not be in a town, so long as it is right off the highway. We are driving 1200 miles w/kids, and I don't want to add more gratuitously. If the place you recommend has limited hours, is cash only, or otherwise quirky, please let me know. Otherwise, thanks so much!

Leaving Sunday am.

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  1. Check out the Woodburn, OR thread. This is right off I5 south of Portland.

    1. What is "north Washington"? How far north on I-5 are you going?

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      1. Just off of I5 in Ashland, you can get a good breakfast at the Wild Goose Cafe:

        You'll have lots of options in Portland. For example, the Laurelwood brew pub is just off I84, 2 miles off of I5. The food isn't that special, but it's supposed to have great beer (maybe not so good for a car trip) and is VERY kid-friendly.

        If you're hungry as you go through Centralia, WA, you should stop at La Tarasca for really good Mexican food. It's at 1001 W. Main about 1/2 mile east of I5.

        1. It's too late to help this person, but there are a million places, including some of my favorites:

          Big Stuff BBQ, Cottage Grove
          Aiyara's, Springfield
          Salvador's, Woodburn
          Baker & Spice, Hillsdale
          Thai Little Home, Vancouver
          Jerusalem Cafe, Vancouver
          Galilee, Vancouver
          Taqueria Colima, Vancouver
          La Tarasca, Centralia
          Salumi, Seattle

          Nearly the entire city of Portland, including:

          Bahn Cuon Tan Dinh
          Pho Van
          Bun Bo Hue
          Ken's Place
          Wong's King Seafood
          Malay Satay Hut
          Ya Hala
          Flying Pie
          And so on...

          1. Go to Mary McCrank's roadhouse for classic old school 'merican food. And bring me a jar of her incredibly good home made jam. My son spoons it.

            On Hwy. 12 in Chehalis. Napavine exit off 5 go east to the flashing light, turn left and it's on the right a few miles up.