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Jul 8, 2006 04:00 AM

Hawaii should have their own board

Having lived in Montana and Wyoming for many years (I now live in CA)...I find it distressing to go to "elsewhere in America" and find that most of the board is about Hawaii chowhounding. I know there are chowhounds in Montana and Wyoming...and chowhounds who visit these gorgeous states. Same for Idaho, etc.

Just something to muse over.

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  1. Well then isn't it up to Montana, Wyoming and Idaho Chowhounds to contribute their experiences and opinions on the Elsewhere board?

    We do occasionally see queries on Elsewhere about those areas, but I don't recollect too many "elective" posts by locals discussing the chow in their neck of the woods.

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    1. re: ChinoWayne

      For what its worth, I just did some searches on Idaho, Montana and Wyoming, I found 14, 23 and 15 posts respectively on the Elsewhere board, and I found a total of 315, 651 and 159 posts respectively on all boards.

      Seems to me that maybe a lot of people are confused as to what board to post on for these three states.

    2. No kidding. I know that those of us who are from those states get tired of being considered afterthoughts when it comes to food, culture, the arts...etc. Most people think of those states as somewhere to go just for camping, fishing..."roughing it". When my sis moved to New Jersey with her husband... people would ask her if Wyoming had modern grocery stores with canned food products. She was asked that many times...."did you own a car or did you ride horses to school"?