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Jul 8, 2006 03:04 AM

My Strawberry-Vodka Infusion...mmm...

My raspberry vodka infusion is on it's 10th day. It is a gorgeous deep pink (but the raspberries are now white :).

The raspberry vodka tastes pretty good, but to my surprise, my only *1-day-infused* strawberry vodka tastes better. Do give this version a try before the season ends...

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  1. Is the process as simple as getting the fruit covered in vodka and waiting? Is there any way infusions can go wrong, like in canning/jarring?

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    1. re: kwanito

      I simply cut off the green part of the strawberry (leaving it whole) and placed about 10 large strawberries in a jar the size tomato sauce would come in; poured vodka in to cover strawberries. That's all. The next day--tastes surprisingly delicious!

      1. re: Funwithfood

        Also delicious with a few slices of cucumber (added to strawberries)!

      2. re: kwanito

        I posted on vodka infusions on the Spirits board. They say to add a bit of lemon juice to keep the fruit looking good and fresh. Got some good info there.
        This thread should probably be moved to that board.

        1. re: Bobfrmia

          My cranberry infusion looks great still (made it last October). My kumquat infusion looks wonderful too (2 months old).

          However, the raspberries in my raspberry infusion look white (almost), even though it is just 2 weeks old. This is also true for my strawberry infusion, only 3 days old. I'm not sure lemon juice would make any difference in that regard...

          1. re: Funwithfood

            I thought the fruit was supposed to turn white as the juice goes into the alcohol and the alcohol impregnates the fruit. Has anyone tried mixing herbs or spices with the fruit? I did quince and vanilla last fall and it turned out well. I'm interested in trying something with cloves or cardamom...

      3. My raspberry vodka took about 3 months to get to perfection.

        And at 3 months and onward, it was incredible.
        Made it at Christmas and am enjoying icy raspberry sodas on hot summer days now.

        Got my information here.

        1. Funwithfood... what do you do with the vodka, assuming you're not just doing shooters?!

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          1. re: Katie Nell

            We have a martini every night, like on Bewitched :)
            {Of course this was only necessitated by having children!}

            It's so nice with the strawberry infusion for example, I just put a bit of ice in a pretty glass and ladle a bit of the infusion into the glass--that's all (my neighbor loves to stop by for her weekly "infusion"). The essence from the fruit really mellows the alcohol flavor, and makes quite a lovely "imbibement".

            My raspberry infusion is looking very pretty now too; deep pink in color. I've also taken the zest from some clementines for an infusion--looks so nice (have yet to taste it). Some are so pretty, I don't even want to drink them.

              1. re: Funwithfood

                That sounds fantastic! I'll have to think of an excuse since there's no children to necessitate a drink! ;-) Really, vodka is usually too strong for me, so that sounds right up my alley!

            1. I just made up a new cocktail this weekend that got rave reviews - raspberry vodka mixed with sparkling lemonade (not too sweet) and fresh lime juice.

              I also posted an article on directions and various concoctions somewhere else on the Spirits board a little while ago, which is helpful:


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              1. re: Maya

                Thanks for this fabulous link, though I'm coming upon it late in the game. I'm attempting my first infusion right now, Concord Grape. I haven't been able to find any info on a purple grape infusion, but a friend and I tried one recently at a fabulous Seattle bar called The Chapel, in an old mortuary. They do great infused vodka drinks, that are $4 at hapy hour every day. Anyway, we were sitting at the bar watching them squish the grapes and strain them out after a week of infusing, and asked for a taste. They served it to us with a little simple syrup and lime juice. It was fabulous-very sweet, but incredibly fragrant and flavorful. We pick Concord Grapes every year at my grandma's, but I'm never sure quite what to do with them besides eat them fresh, so I'm giving this a try. Any hints or tips would be much appreciated!

              2. hi there i've been doing a lot of infusing lately. i've done a strawberry vodka, strawberry and apple, blackberry which i must say was the best 1, rasberry, and also a strawberry and rasberry. they were all excellent. but i can't help my self from drinking them so quick. we're normally using a ladel to get the vodka out while the fruits still in it after about 3 days. it would be nice to bottle it and see how it tastes after a while of being sat.

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                1. re: tonyg5

                  Try Pineapple. It's my favorite so far.
                  I've done cranberry, blueberry, pear, coffee, vanilla bean, maybe some I've forgot.
                  But oh man that pineapple....