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Breakfast Spots near Disneyland?

Any good breakfast spots near Disneyland easy to find off the 5 fwy?



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  1. Go a few miles north of Disneyland to Original House of Pancakes on Lincoln Ave. not far from the I-5 Frwy. Its a little pricier than most of the touristy restaurants near Harbor/Katella but this popular place always receives rave reviews (the Apple-Cinnamon pancake is legendary!).

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      This place is good, but there is always a very long wait.

      I like Jagerhaus (57 & Ball), great spatzle omelette and excellent apple pancake...

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        See my post down below. Have to get used to the new CH set up. I think it's worth the wait.

      2. Is Jagerhaus affilated with nearby Phoenix Club? (its the German center that is Anaheim's version of Alpine Village)

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        1. Thank you for all these replies yet can somebody make a suggestion say 25 miles before or after Disneyland? I should of brought this up initially. It doesn't have to be right in the center of Disneyland just we're driving from the Valley 818 to San Diego and the middle grounds is Disneyland and we're after a really tasty filling breakfast?

          Thanks again,


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            Wow, Stuart, that is one tall order... 25 miles on either side of Disneyland takes you from the 10 to the Ortega Highway. I concur that the Jagerhaus is worth the five minutes' detour on Ball Road.

          2. Thank you Das Ubergeek, yet my only concern is for it to be only a couple miles off the 5 freeway, the trip got postponed till next week and we're leaving from Sherman Oaks to San Diego at 9am and are going to want a nice breakfast around 10:30-11am, just after american food vs. Jagerhaus?

            Bring on the suggestions?



            1. I've got a great one for you! It's called Omelette House, and is in Garden Grove. Here's where to find it:

              Omelette House
              12444 Brookhurst St
              Garden Grove, CA 92840-4712
              (714) 537-5336

              and here's a link to some reviews on CitySearch:



              1. Usignola nice suggestion-this will be the spot we try.

                This site sure does come in handy.



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                  I want to try The Omelette House myself and discovered that it is near Lampson/Brookhurst St. which places it a considerable distance from the 5 or 22 Frwy (and quite a distance away from the 405). You may want to consider this before deciding to travel there.

                2. HBfoodie-

                  Thank you, you just saved me from getting off our route? The trip is this Saturday, again, any suggestions for a great breakfast right off the 5 fwy, it could be 25 miles past disneyland or before since thats our rest spot coming from the Valley? As long as its a breakfast spot thats a hop skip & a jump exiting the 5 freeway?



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                    I usually eat breakfast at Angelo's, which is on Euclid between Lincoln and La Palma (near the IHOP), but it occurred to me that you could probably get beignets and coffee at Brennan's Jazz Cafe in Downtown Disney (they open at 0800) -- not sure how big of a breakfast you want.

                  2. Das Ubergeek-

                    Whats Angelo's like?

                    Yes a nice size breakfast so we can skip lunch.

                    Omlettes, french toast, etc?

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                      Omelettes, French toast, breakfast burritos, etc. It's pretty much a greasy spoon, LA-style, so don't expect plush booths and fancy decor -- you order at the counter and they bring it to you.

                    2. Arthur's Restaurant
                      240 N Tustin St
                      Mon-Sat 6AM-2PM
                      Sun 7AM-3PM
                      just west of the 55 fwy, just north of Chapman Ave exit. It's about 5 miles east of Disneyland.

                      The food is described as Okie-styled, which I'm not exactly sure what that means. Inspired from Oklahoma? Can't find a website to point you towards a menu, though.

                      When I went before an Angels baseball game, I had a large breakfast platter that included scrambled eggs, hash browns, 3 types of sausages, bacon AND ham, and some muffins. I was so stuffed that I skipped lunch and ate a pretty small dinner that evening.

                      1. I hope you didn't go yet...YOU MUST GO TO the "Original Pancake House" in Anaheim off Lincoln. Address: 1418 E Lincoln Ave, Anaheim, CA, (714) 535-9815. Trust me, I'm not a huge breakfast person, but I'm addicted to this place. Definitely worth checking out. They have awesome potato pancakes, banana pancakes, blueberry pancakes are to die for and they have these crepes filled with sourcream and covered in a grand marnier/orange sauce that is simply amazing. They also have an excellent cornbeef hash. This place only opens for breakfast and closes at 2:00 p.m., so you know it has to be good!

                        1. Eatcake-

                          I will go there, guess what though! On their website front page:

                          first glance at those apple pancakes brought back memories to my favorite spot ever in MN. then I clicked locations and its the same spot.

                          This will bring back memories so so good and filling too.

                          Everybody must try this spot for breakfast.