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Jul 8, 2006 02:32 AM

the fifth grill

Just visited The Fifth which is now
the Fifth Grill. They changed their entire menu and are more of a steak house. I like it much better than before. It is still beautiful but less stuffy. Went with a birthday party of 8 and we all really liked it. Their appetizers are amazing and the steaks are about the best. Great sides and desserts too. Did not care for the fish. Overall the food was much above regular steak house fare and less expensive. They have a live piano player who is really good. We had drinks on the terrace and next time I will eat outside.
Service was friendly if a bit slow.
Continued partying downstairs at the club which was packed.

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  1. Can we get an update on the whole place?

    There are three parts to the place the club, the dinning room and the terrace right?

    Do you enter them all from the stairs behind the building and take the elevator up?

    What are the avg prices for the terrace and the dinning room? any menus online?

    1. Some questions are answered in this (very positive) review:

      Official website (that I couldn't see due to an older version of Flash):

      1. thanks any more repsonses to my questions above?

        1. Their menu and prices are on their website

          The main club is called the Fifth Socialcub with a side room 'Black Betty'.

          From the main club you have to take the elevator to the restaurant and terrace.

          The entrance for all is through the back door main entrance.