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Jul 8, 2006 01:59 AM

Wine at the Hollywood Bowl

Anyone know whether Patina Group holds the wine franchise at the Bowl? I normally manage to bring enough from home, but we drank a bit more than planned last night and ended up buying a bottle there. Sheesh, seemed like an unreasonably high markup for such a mediocre selection.

Learned my lesson!

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  1. I think they have an exclusive agreement with Mirassou or some such spelling of he name. It is expensive and mediocre. I'd rather do without then pay for it.

    Generally, if you can avoid buying food or drink at the bowl, do so. The $9.00 or more cheese plate makes me giggle. For that amount, I can go to TJ's or Gelson's or Whole foods..heck, even Artisanand make an absolute feast.

    For the same price you paid for that wine, you could have gotten a smashing bottle from a good wine shop.

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      Yes, Mirassou has been around for a long while, but is now part of the Gallo company so I'm sure the distribution deals are expanding. However, I was asking if Patina, the same bunch that gouges the unprepared for the food offerings, as you noted, is also making the (significantly-higher-than-restaurant) markup on the wine.

      1. re: Diana

        Generally agree, but the one exception I'd make is the hot dogs. They are Hebrew National 1/4# dogs but the Patina-made rolls make them something special. We always have some at intermission. Bring your own mustard as they only have those little squeeze packets and the dog gets unfortunately cold by the time you've squeezed enough mustard into it.

      2. Patina Group is the exclusive food and beverage company for the Music Center, Disney Hall, and the Hollywood Bowl, as well as many a museum here, in SF, NY, and fill in the blanks elsewhere. Those contracts make the Gallo connection for wine an obvious call, and one easily serviced nationwide.
        Next time, just remember to bring one bottle more than you MIGHT need!

        1. Actually, I think the Gallo deal is the Philharmonics. Most museums and whatnot sell exclusive rights directly, not Patina or Puck or whoever does the food...