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Obbs Restaurant - St. Paul

Anyone with an opinion or info on Obbs Restaurant in St. Paul?

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  1. I haven't ever been there -- or even heard of it until you posted. [I guess the closest I've ever been would be pedaling past during the St. Paul Classic but it's towards the top of a hill and I'm generally suffering too much to notice my surroundings.]

    I see it's listed as a Sports Bar and Grill -- which could be good but often isn't...

    What do you know about it and how did you find Obbs?


    1. I have to say, I'd never heard of it till this post either... But I found their web page:


      Turns out it's only about 10 minutes away from me. Not sure if it looks like someplace I need to try though. I'd be interested in hearing from anyone who's been there.

      Uncle Ira

      1. Thye do, however, seem to have Paulaner on tap, and a Hot Dago sandwich...sounds like it might be worth a trip. Report soon....

        1. I always like looking at menus so I was perusing Obbs' and lookie here:
          Deep Fried Dummies $6.95

          That brings to mind so many unappetizing possibilities.

          1. My wife and I met one of their waitstaff while dining (shall I say chowing down) at Nacho Mama's in Stillwater. We were waiting for Nacho Mama's to open for dinner (35 minutes late). She mentioned that they (Obbs) have really good blueplate specials like "hot roast beef and homemade mashed potatoes", etc. and that their steaks are very good. I cruised by the place and was not impressed but hey, it's not like I'm gonna eat the building. I'll give it a shot and report back. Hopefully I won't get knifed or shot.

            1. I stopped by for Hot Dago and a beer and to catch a Twins game, it being a sports bar and all.

              The Hot Dago was very good, the sausage was spicy in that not-too-spicy Minnesota kind of way, seasoned aggresively with dried oregano and thyme and the red sauce was very good...a plain, unassuming ragu. It came with pepporocini on top and the bread was soft and creamy on tbe inside and appropriately crunchy on the outside. Mmmmm...I love Hot Dagos.

              The Paulaner was a single tap of HefeWeizen and the rest of the beer were major brands...not even a Summit to be spotted. So, consequently, I drank crappy beer at the bar and watched the game. The place was super friendly and the staff and bartenders were on the spot with the next beer and the food.

              I will say that Obb's, as well as many of it's patrons, were a bit rough around the edges...this was definitely the East Side of St. Paul as opposed to say Uptown, Minneapolis. That being said, I prefer a place that has a more down-home, dare I say chowish, atmosphere.

              I'm not sure I'd go out of my way to return, but it seems like a decent neighborhood spot, and I'd be there often if I lived closer. And, note to MSPD, I do plan on stopping by the next time I bike the St. Paul Grand Rounds...it seems like a great reward for climbing the Mounds Park hill...

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              1. >>I cruised by the place and was not impressed but hey, it's not like I'm gonna eat the building. I'll give it a shot and report back. Hopefully I won't get knifed or shot.
                So, MN Hick Chowhound, can we assume that your health is intact after your visit, or have you not made it there yet?


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                  You know it's not like me to procratinate on any eating experience but I have now driven by the place 3 times (it's out of the way to do so) and have not stopped (Deputy Houndette is not impressed with the place but on the last pass-by she did express some interest). I noticed they do lunch so I think we will try it in broad daylight. I'll report back...

                  1. re: MN Hick Chowhound

                    Okay, Houndette and I gave it a try for lunch. It's a much nicer place than I envisioned from the outside. Very clean and orderly. Service was very friendly, knowledgeable and prompt. Houndette tried the 1/3 pound burger and fries and wasn't impressed. I on the other hand had the hot turkey sandwich. A generous amount of thick slices of home roasted breat of turkey on white bread with lots of homemade mashed potatoes and gravy. Nice creamy coleslaw on the side. I was impressed! They also have a nice outside patio in the back (it was threatening rain the day we visited). I would definitely go back.