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Jul 8, 2006 01:09 AM

Surly Brewing Company [MSP]

Okay, I'm probably the last to know but I just discovered a great local microbrew (Twin Cities)it is the Furious brewed by Surly Brewing Company ( Only available in select bars and restaurants.

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  1. I read about it but I have yet to have visited a restaurant that serves it.

    Tonight I found a new, I think, Summit brew called 20th Anniversary Limited Edition ESB, Extra Special Bitter Ale. So I bought a 12 pack.

    1. Here's the link with lists of local restaurant clients.

      Waiting to make the pilgrimage to Blue Max in Burnsville. Any feedback on this institution?

      Best German beer on tap (so far) Glockenspiel on 7th in St. Paul. Any others on your list?

      Surly and Surly Bicycles. Drink and ride responsibly.....

      1. I had a couple Surlys at the Happy Gnome. I really liked it. I also understand they are starting to offer brewery tours.

        1. I tried the Surly Furious and their other brew also. Both are good, but the Furious is exceptional, provided you love hops! I enjoyed these at Papa's Pizza on 42nd and Upton Av. N. in Minneapolis (nice place, great pizza, and of course Surlys so check it out)

          1. We've really enjoyed both the Furious and the Bender, I can't remember which is which kind of beer though. We've found them several places, Blue Nile and the Bull Dog come to mind.