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Traveling on business solo - great places to eat at the bar in SF

Any recommendations of places in SF that are great for a single female business woman to eat at the bar? I'd love to try one of the new hot places in the city. I'm allergic to seafood so sushi and fish places are out. Definitely not looking for a sports bar but a tv showing the baseball game is ok. Everything else is fair game!

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  1. Canteen for casual, Boulevard for more upscale.


    1. Try Cav, which is a winebar with a long, long bar, but also has a full food menu. Nice friendly place with great wine program directed by Pamela Busch, and the food is usually quite good and interesting too. Entrees are also available in smaller tasting portions. Very comfortable place to be on your own.

      1. There are lots of places. There is a recent article in the Chronicle about counter eats.

        Gary Danko and Myth have the full menu at the bar.

        1. Love the bar at Bistro Aix (steiner @ lombard/chestnut). Great wine list and great entertainment...the food rocks too.

          Brick is a new place in the tenderloin (sutter @ larkin) that has a nice bar and small plates.

          1. Hola,

            I once showed up at Boulevard with no RSVP wearing a tshirt and flip flops along with a fetching friend who is no longer talking to me over a misunderstanding about a dinner I invited her to at the Ritz Carlton Dining Room ... and we had a fine meal at the bar.

            However, the people on the other side were a little busy, so except for one short exchange about whether I was the worst dressed person they had in that day [they thought about it for a bit and were about to give me the title when they remembered the guy in the Budweiser tshirt who had been in earlier] not much in the way of conversation. But, good food and good service, but not necessarily a chatty place in my experience ... probably not what I would pick for a solo but maybe a grand pas de deux.

            Bix might be a good option [have been to the bar many times, but not had a full meal there].

            Lower down the totem pole, Mecca might be an option. Sociable place.

            CAV nearby Mecca also does seem reasonable.

            Kuletos on Union Sq might be frowned on by the chow-know-scenti, but I've had a decent, well-lubricated, snack there.

            I'm not the biggest fan of Zuni, but it is a Standard.

            Campton Place bar offering are good, although more of a sober
            setting than hot and happening.

            And then there is dining alone at La Rondella ... but we wont go there.

            Ok off to Z'geist on this warm San Francisco night.

            ok tnx.


            1. I'd go to Delfina -- fantastic food, great atmosphere, and you can eat at the bar or a counter in addition to tables. Their pizzeria next store is also a good solo-dining bet.

              1. Given you are looking for single dining at the bar at new hot places in the city, there is only one choice: Myth. It has the full menu at the bar, great food, and a happening scene.

                Boulevard is not a hot new place, but is great for solo dining as they have both a traditional bar and a dinner bar in front of the kitchen.

                More creative choices might include the bar at Piperade (French/Basque), the bar at Winterland (avant-garde - closing next Saturday, ACT FAST), and the bar at A16.

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                  Note that the bar menu at Winterland hews more toward traditional tapas than the dinner menu.

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                    I do believe, however, that you can get food off the regular menu at the bar...


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                      Yes, I was told you can order from either menu at Winterland's bar.

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                        Great, good to know . . . for the short remaining life of the restaurant. The reverse is not true --- the bar menu can't be ordered in the dining room.

                  2. I love to go to Harris' and eat steak tartare at the bar. That and a martini makes for a great dinner.

                    1. Coco 500 (4th and Brannan)--Scott at the bar; Hawthorne Lane (Howard and Hawthorne, between New Montgomery and 3rd)--Ray at the bar); Houston's on the Embarc. at Sansome has a huge bar and friendly bartenders and usually isn't overrun (get the grilled artichoke).

                      1. Lulu as well, although far from new. It's actually one of our favorite places to go eat at the bar.